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Apply for the position of Human Resources Director

Cover letter and resume

You want to apply for the position of Human Resources Director with a Fortune 1000 company in the
field of retailing. The company “would prefer” applicants with at least four years of experience, though
others can also apply. You are six months short on the preferred experience. However, you are
absolutely confident of yourself and want to convince the recruiter about the same.
Keeping in mind the above scenario, in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, create a cover letter
that convinces the recruiter about your competency for this job and a resume. Your cover letter and

resume must incorporates the following:

� The cover letter should be concise and to the point, following the 3-paragraph structure.
� The resume should be no more than two pages long, in an appropriate format and following all the

standards associated with that format.

Cover letter

Stevie Marcus
3126 Caroline SW
Philadelphia, PA 67832
Cell: (000) 265-6423
Email: Steviemar@ymail.com

June 4, 2016

Mrs. Joy Adamson
Recruiting Consultant
Walmart Company Limited
3456 W Commercial Street
Bentonville, Arkansas

Dear Mrs. Adamson
As a very competent and successful leader with wide experience in Human Resources (HR)
management, I would like to be considered for the position of HR Director that is available
now at Walmart Company. I am confident that my knowledge of HR best practices, theories
and principles, my experience, and my strong analytical skills and independent planning,
make me the best applicant for the HR Director post.
Although you would like applicants with an experience of at least 4 years, I am totally
confident of myself even though I have experience of 3 years and 6 months, which is just 6
months short on the preferred experience. I possess all the talents which you need in terms of
education, personality, knowledge, abilities and skills. With all these elements, I am capable
of taking Walmart to the sky-height with a goal of achieving the title of Best HR Department
by United States Business Rankings (Sheehan et al., 2014; Creelman, 2015).
I offer the following:
 Track record of managing HR department in an efficient manner using established
leadership skills;
 Experience of 3 ½ years’ in similar job posts that allows me to handle work
 Extensive knowledge of Human Resources related state and federal regulations and

 Able to effectively develop, administer, review, update and communicate policy
manuals for standardizing human resources work;
 Practical experience in applying defined HR management procedures in order to
improve worker relations.
I look forward to interviewing with you to talk about the many benefits which I am ready and
excited to bring to Walmart’s Human Resources department. I can be contacted on my
mobile phone at (000) 265-6423.
Thanks for your consideration and your time.

Truly yours,
Stevie Marcus

Stevie Marcus

3126 Caroline SW Philadelphia, PA 67832. Cell: (000) 265-6423 Email: Steviemar@ymail.com



Human Resources Director with hands on experience of an organization’s business needs. I am very
effective in terms of incorporating creative leadership skills to attain the objectives of an
organization. I am able to direct projects which meet budget requirements and deadlines while
improving efficiency.

Objectives Statement

I am presenting to you my accomplishments, skills, as well as capacity to lead employees in a
direction that offers greater earnings to the company so that you and I can converse about my
joining Walmart stores as a Human Resources Director.
Special skills and capabilities

Ability to manage organizational change
 Adept at managing everyday processes whilst developing and executing novel business
strategies in high-pressure and dynamic environments, necessitating the capacity to
multitask and manage employee relationships effectively.
Recruitment, training and mentoring
 Able to identify results-driven, very motivated employees and offer professional
development for leadership posts.
 Broad experience in hiring, sourcing and retaining exceptional and excellent people through
executing a thorough selection process, an ongoing mentoring system, and high-quality
Understanding of industrial relations and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) laws
 Able to remain up to date with constantly changing industrial relations and OH&S
 Very skilful at processing this technical information and advising the management about its
responsibilities and obligations.


 Saved $200,000 per year through re-organizing structure to get rid of needless job posts
 Improved by 65% the time of processing paperwork through streamlining submission
 Decreased turnover of employees by 25 percent by executing new bonus structure and
incentive program.


Human Resources Director 07/2013 to current
Macy’s Retail Stores Providence, RI
 Developed new compensation structure which boosted employee performance and improved
 Advise managers on matters relating to organizational policy and suggest required changes
 Direct staff members, training, and labour relations activities.
 Developed new application protocols which increased the quality of interview applicant
 Conducted orientations to promote positive attitude towards company objectives
 Served as link between staffs and the top managers through handling questions, interpreting

contracts and administering them, and aiding to solve problems related to work in order to
promote positive environment
 Identified staff vacancies and recruited, interviewed, and selected applicants
Human Resources Generalist 02/11/2008 to 4/06/2013
Target Retail Stores San Diego, CA
 Redesigned employee handbook in accordance with benefit and legal changes
 Updated company job descriptions so as to reflect the changing roles.
 Responded to questions and issues of employees in a timely manner
 Met with every new staff member to explain procedures, guidelines and benefits.


Master of Science: Human Resource Management 2012
University of Rhode Island Providence, RI
Bachelor of Science: Human Resource Management 2006
University of Rhode Island Providence, RI

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