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A Modest Proposal

post your critical response to “A Modest Proposal.”

Critical Response to “A Modest Proposal” Discussion Topic  Available on Jan 29, 2022 8:00 AM. Access restricted before availability starts.

For discussion this week, I would like you each to post your critical response to “A Modest Proposal.”

Utilizing the critical reading strategies found in both the text and the notes for the week (Week 3), read, with a critical eye, “A Modest Proposal.” Remember that when we read critically, we take apart and analyze the different aspects of the work and determine how well these parts work together to create the overall effectiveness of the whole. With this in mind, please formulate your response. Remember to keep your response academic in nature–”Gross!” while certainly true, is not a critical response. 🙂 Please see trigger warning in notes.

Remember to pay close attention to the rhetorical situation–who is his audience? in what context was

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