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The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act

Statement of Purpose or �Why Am I Doing This?�

One of the goals of the discussion boards is to encourage student community learning, and to help you
gain valuable experience with analyzing evidence and presenting sound arguments based on evidence.
To this end, your discussion board assignments will require you to examine events from a variety of
perspectives and construct an argument that supports a specific point of view based on the supplied


Response to the Prompt � �Editorial� (First Submission)

� Read the information associated with that topic provided in the appropriate Reading & Study folder in
� Submit your 300�400-word response to the prompt to the Discussion Board Forum in the form of a
newspaper editorial article. Your �editorial� must address 1 point of view presented in the forum for the

topic you choose. Use the materials you read to write, assuming you are living in the time in which the
event occurred and are writing to a contemporary audience who wants the news and your point of view
on it. Your work must be clearly supported by your readings and biblical principles. You must take a
definite position on the question asked.
� Your �editorial� must be submitted directly as a reply to the appropriate thread. Do not attach your
�editorial� as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.
� Appropriate citations must be made using parenthetical references in proper and current Turabian
format (these must be complete citations including page numbers when applicable).
� First person is allowed.

The Stamp Act

The stamp act was imposed on all the American colonists by the England colonial
government without any due regard from the colonists who had been in America. The problem
itself was not the collection of the taxes that they were supposed to follow rather the method the
law had been applied to them without consultation. Initially, money inform of taxes was spent
back to England and the people in England were deemed satisfied. However, the new methods
that was coming up required that the colonial government back in England would impose taxes

without due regard for the laws that colonies had set in America. If the colonies accepted such a
tax like the stamp duty, it would mean that the government in England would soon enough come
up with other new taxes which could be imposed on people in America without realizing that
America was being ruled by colonies granted power by the England monarch to rule on their
behalf (Ushistory.org 2015).
Additionally, the use of stamp tax would reduce the amount of capital or revenue that the
colonists were collecting. It would very difficult for the governments in the colonial system to
meet the basic needs of the people in their colonies. For example if people of Virginia were
being taxed by the Virginia colonist government, the taxes were to be used to meet and facilitate
some important services that was being offered by the same government. However, it would be
unfair for the government to collect funds that were not going to be used back home in England
and not in the development programs in the colonies. This would have created an avenue that the
government back home in England would have completely used and directly obscured any
efforts that was being made by the government of the day about collecting taxes (Ushistory.org

Ushistory.org,. 2015. ‘The Stamp Act

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