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The Bucket List

“The Bucket List” Assignment

Detailed summary of the plot and characters and the story that unfolds in this movie
The comedy has two people as the main characters, and is played in a hospital belonging
to Jack Nicholson. Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman), a quiet mechanic, has been married to
Virginia, his beloved wife for 45 years, and the couple has three children. The daughter works as
a violinist while one of the sons is a lawyer while the other works as an engineer. The bitter and
caustic billionaire, Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson), has many hospitals, and has undergone
through numerous divorces. He also has a missing daughter and has nobody important in his life
although he has all the money he would want. The lives of the two are totally different. While
carter does not own a lot of money, he has a wife and lovely family. Following the work ethics
stated by Edwards, he is not given a private room during his admission, but shares a room with
Carter (Santelli & Santelli, 2010). With time, the two become close. One day, Edward found the
bucket list that Carter had written in the garbage, and in it were listed all the things he wanted to
accomplish before dying. Carter had acquired the idea of the bucket list from a college professor.
Edwards included his person items, after which he invited Carter to an exploration of
redemption, discovery, and friendship. The two undertook different ventures, against the doctor’s
recommendation, in a bid to find happiness before their death. Carter dies after coming back
home to his family, and the wife realizing that he is a changed person compared to the time when
he left, and Edwards meets his daughter and granddaughter before his death.

Research on cancer

a. How many different types of known cancers are there? What is the most prevalent

cancer for men? Women? Both sexes?


There as many different kinds of cancers as there are body organs including lung, blood,
brain, skin, and liver cancers. Men mostly suffer from prostate, bowel, bladder, kidney,
cancer while women suffer more from breast, ovary, uterus, and cervical cancer. Both are can
suffer brain tumors.
b. What are some common cancers that are most prevalent by age? For example,
which cancers are more prevalent in children? Adolescents? Early adulthood? Late

adulthood? Elderly?

Primarily, cancer is a disease of the elderly people, and its incidence rates rises with age
for a majority of the cancers. Most diagnoses are among people aged seventy five years
and more. Cancer is rare in young adults, teenagers, and children. Around 53% of the
cancers are diagnosed in people aged 50- 74 years while 36% of the diagnoses are among
the elderly.
c. In your opinion and based on what you saw in the movie, how does cancer affect the lives

of those who suffer from it?

The lives of those suffering from cancer are affected in that they suffer a lot of pain,
which reduces their chances of leading a quality life. Mostly, because of the expensive
treatments, they become drained financially, which also makes them to experience a lot of stress
and their families to suffer. Some lose hope in the treatment.

d. How does it affect the lives of the caregivers/family members?

These suffer a lot of stress, and have to forfeit some needs and luxuries because of
financial constraints following the expensive treatments.


e. What is chemotherapy? What are the side effects of chemotherapy? Use from movie and
your own research.

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment where the drugs used are considerably
powerful to kill speedily growing cancer cells (Kirita & Omura, 2015). Perfectly healthy cells
can also be harmed, which cause the entire body side effects such as sore mouth, bone marrow
suppression, inflamed mucous membranes, vomiting and nausea, changes in smell and taste,
dehydration, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, hair loss, skin changes, eye
chances, pain, cystitis, bedwetting, weight gain, inflamed vain, allergic reactions, fluid retention,
second cancers, and organ damage among others.

f. Have you had any personal experiences with cancer? If so, what were they?

I am saddened at the rate at which people I know are dying from different cancers. It is
now evident that its prevalence is rising.

III. Hospitalization

a. According to your personally, how does being an inpatient in a hospital affect one’s
mental attitude?

Mostly, the mental attitude is affected negatively based on harsh treatment from some
professionals, death of roommates, and the hopelessness related to the condition a person is
suffering from. (Reiner et al., 2008).

b. Again, in your personal opinion, what do you see as being the pros and cons of
having a roommate in the hospital?


With a roommate, one can share experiences, which prevents intense boredom. One also can
acquire some strength from the roommate. However, some roommates are very careless or
unhygienic, and can make one suffer infections. In addition, if the roommate is in a critical
condition, one also gets more fear about death.

c. According to the movie, who made the decision of having two people to a room?
How and why did it happen this way?

Edwards had already made a decision that people can share a room based on his work ethic.
Therefore, Edwards sharing a room with Carter just happened as was the rule.

IV. In the movie, Carter talks about the different stages of grief (Kübler-Ross’s theory
consult textbook or credible websites and reference in APA format). Please list the stages
and give details of when you think Carter and Edward entered each stage.

Denial; to both, this occurs when informed that they have terminal cancer.
Anger; Carter throws away the bucket list after creating it. He feels he lacks the ability of
accomplishing those things (Santelli & Santelli, 2010).
Bargaining; this can be exemplified through the bucket list where they two dream of the things
they can do better if healed. The two bargain for one another. When Carter feels that he does not
have the faith that his life can improve, Edwards pushes him on. Carter urges Edward to find joy
and peace in his life after which Edward bargains for time so that his life can get right again.
Depression; Carter learns that his disease has progressed to the brain. He writes Edward a letter.


Acceptance; Carter accepts his condition and promises himself to return to the wife a better
husband compared to the stranger who left. Edward made straight the relationship he had with
his daughter.
V. Bucket list

a. According to the movie, what is a bucket list? b. Who introduced Carter to the Bucket

A bucket list encompasses of the list of things that a person want to do before dying. It was
introduced to him by a professor who suggested the need of everyone to have some things he
should accomplish before dying.

c. What are some things that were on Carter and Edward’s bucket list?

Carter wishes to ‘witness something majestic’ and ‘laugh until I cry’ while Edward
wishes to explore exotic places, kiss the girl who is most beautiful in the world, and skydive.

d. There is a turning point during the movie in which Carter finally accepts the bucket
list and looks forward to continuing it. Please explain this turning point in detail.

This is after he is able to reunite with his wife after promising himself that he would be a better
person than the husband who left home.

e. There is a turning point during the movie in which Edward rejects the bucket list
and decides to end his participation in it. Please explain this turning point in detail.


This was after he realized that he could never kiss the most beautiful lady in the world. He
realized that he might never accomplish the things he had set for himself.

VI. What happens during the trip to the Himalayas? What does it lead to at the bar?

The two want to climb to the top of a mountain so as to view something truly majestic.
However, the weather is very bad such that they cannot climb (Freeman et al., 2007). They are
therefore stuck at the base and are informed that they can only climb after the weather clears up,
that is, next spring. Edward is absent when Carter is joined by a British woman who she chats
with. She expresses her desire to kiss him and spend some special time with him but he refuses
due to the respect he has for his family.

VII. Near the end of the movie, Carter is in the hospital and he explains the origin of the
coffee that Edward loves to drink. Explain the origin? What is Edward’s reaction?

Carter is against taking the coffee and Edward’s reaction changes after he is informed
about the origin of the coffee, a source that can be linked to health implications.

VIII. Describe the ending of the film? How does this affect the viewer? Now, write your
own ending. Be as creative as possible. How would you have liked this movie to end?

Carter reunites with the wife and she notices how greatly he has changes. However, after
she steps into the bathroom, she returns to find that he has died. Edward reunited with the
daughter and kissed her granddaughter. He also went to climb the mountain but died doing it. It
would have been better if the two could at least enjoy some more time with their loved ones
before dying (Lemole, Mehta & McKee, 2015).


IX. Create your own “Bucket List”. Be specific, be original, and be creative.
Own a limousine
Establish a successful family business
Spend the best time with my family members
Attain a PhD



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