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Technology revolutionized the education system

Before approaching this assignment, read I Want That… Flipping the Classroom (Cohen & Brugar, 2013),
Students First, Not Stuff (Richardson, 2013), and Unit 3 � 3 .8: Should Educators Be Cautions
Regarding Flipped Classrooms? I have attached these for you.

These readings discuss educational issues regarding digital schools in addition to the advantages and
disadvantages of incorporating technology in the classroom. Develop a 2- to 3-page analysis that
addresses the following:
Identify 3 major issues or changes in practice of education that have arisen from advancements in
technology. Examples include digital classes, flipped classrooms, increased collaboration through
software, and one-to-one initiatives in schools.
For each of the major issues discuss:
The benefits these pathways facilitate over traditional practices
Unintentional problems that piggyback the use of these same issues or changes to practice
Conclude with an evaluation of the changes in education due to technology advances.
Provide 2-3 recommendations for teachers and stakeholders moving forward.


Technology has revolutionized the education system. The technologies presently adopted, by
learning institutions include; digital classes, flipped classroom, and increased collaboration
through software. The three major advancements that will be tackled in this essay concerning
technology are; change in the classroom layout, flexibility in the learning activities, and finally
enhancement of the students’ creativity.
The change in the classroom layout reduces the cost of providing education, hence making it
accessible to everyone. Technology alters the traditional student relationship making it easier for
students to get advice on various learning concepts from teachers in various part of the world
(Richardson, 2013). The first problem that arises from this change is that the cost of
implementing the technology is very high based on the acquisition of broadband services to
facilitate its use (Selwyn, 2016).
The second aspect is the flexibility in the learning activities. Technology enables students,
especially those in institutions of higher learning to take their classes within a flexible time
frame. It introduces balance in ones social, academic and work life. Also, the technology

enhances students to revise their notes and revisit difficult concepts at their convenience. This
does ensure that they can comprehend the topic (Cohen and Brugar, 2013).
Moreover, the use of illustration and imagery enables the students to internalize the concepts and
aspect that contributes to the improvement of their grades. Technology also enables teachers to
prepare their modules effectively an aspect that makes it up to date and rich, hence making it
beneficial to the student (Cohen and Brugar, 2013). The major disadvantage of this approach is
the old educational policies that are still being implemented in institutions of learning.
For the technology to achieve its flexibility aspects, the education policies at all levels of
learning have to be altered to allow students to decide when and what they want to learn in
schools. Additionally, the aspect of laxity is introduced into the education system an aspect that
will be detrimental, especially to the students in high schools. Most of the students in their
teenage years require supervision for them to perform various duties. Therefore, the introduction
of flexibility that narrows down supervision will increase the number of dropouts in the country
(Selwyn, 2016).
The last issue is that technology enhances creativity among students. The technology eliminates
the memorization of the courses and introduces comprehension of the concept. The
understanding sharpens the students’ mind an aspect that makes them come up with creative
ways in solving academic problems, which often translate to tackling social challenges.
Secondly, technology enables students in different parts of the world to interact and share
knowledge. Knowledge has the power to revolutionize the learners’ ability to view concepts an
aspect that encourages them to come up with innovative ideas (Richardson, 2013).

The disadvantage is the interoperability of the technology. Different technologies are applied to
achieve different aspects the lack of correlation makes it challenging for a learner to operate
them. Also, the technology often does result in the learner being bombarded with extensive
information that may result in increasing their confusion hence contributing to poor grades.
In conclusion, the changes in the education system have more advantages than disadvantages as
illustrated in the essay. The changes have resulted in broadening the learning experience for the
students this makes education interesting and motivates them to learn. As discussed technology
infusion in the education system does inspire creativity an aspect that turns the learners into
innovators and problem solvers. The learners will end up contributing positively to the growth
and development of the country’s economy.



Cohen, S., & Brugar, K. (2013). I want that….flipping the classroom. Middle Ground, 16(4), and 12
Richardson, W. (2013). Educational leadership: Technology-Rich Learning: Students First, Not Stuff.
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