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Subcultures in United States

Subcultures in United States

Develop a project charter for the St. Dismas Assistance Living Facility Case Study. You should
develop a Scope statement and work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project.

Project scope statement and a work breakdown structure. Develop a project charter for the St.
Dismas Assistance Living Facility Case Study. You should develop a Scope statement and work
breakdown structure (WBS) for this project. Include the standared title page, introduction, scope

statement, WBS and conclusions. That is the instruction.


Otherkin in United States

United States has been for years accommodating various communities with different
cultures. This interaction has resulted into the development of subcultures that have had
tremendous effects on its members that believe in them. One of the subcultures is Otherkin,
who believe that they are not humans, either in a spiritual or physical sense. The members of
this subculture believe that they are mythical creatures such as elves or vampires trapped in
human bodies or that they are a living incarnation of a fictional character, among other
beliefs. The members of this culture also associate themselves with animals, plants and other
concepts of nature. This subculture is mainly internet-based, and the oldest internet resource
for otherkin is the Elvenkind Digest. A University of Kentucky student started this mailing
list for interested members and elves. The modern otherkin subculture emerged out of these
Elven online communities in the 1990s.However, it is postulated that the otherkin subculture
consists of other subcultures. These subcultures are, for instance, vampires, therians and
draconic. However, although they considered as being part of the otherkin subculture, they
are culturally different movements of their own, but often overlap in membership. The
otherkin subculture’s members believe that they have supernatural powers that enable them to
heal at a faster rate compared to normal humans, or to shift in space.Some members of the
members argue that they have these supernatural abilities due to their 20/20 vision and their
apparent lack of allergies. Otherkin, however is a not a cult, and it comprises of individuals
from diverse religious beliefs, for example, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Pagans. Otherkin
are often confused with furries, but the difference is that furries tend to wish to be a different
culture while their counterparts believe that they are actually something different from

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