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Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project

Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees

Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees 2
To comply with the IRB requirements, the interviewee would be someone who has over ten
years experience mostly gathered in the human resource department. The person must also be a
qualified and skilled graduate with a bias in human resource management. The above
requirement would definitely lock out anyone who is still minor or below 18 years. The
qualification would be necessary as the research would be based on the following hypothesis:
Ho: HRM practices that can perfect employee productivity
H1: HRM practices have no effect on employee productivity.
The research will seek to find out the exact effect of human resource management practices on
employee performance in a work environment (Doody & Noonan, 2013). The purpose of the
research undertakings is to provide a clear understanding of the importance of HRM processes in
a business environment and the effect of HRM on production. The research targets to develop
HRM management strategies for future business management and application of the right HRM
policies for optimum company productivity.
For the interviewee, i have selected two professionals. Emily Lawson who is a senior manager at
the American certification staffing association based in Alexandria, Virginia. She was previously
at the American Staffing Association. She is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington
and was also the executive director of New York staffing Association. Am also targeting two
other senior managers residing in New York with similar qualifications in case the first
respondent would not be available (Ali, Ahmad and Igbal, 2012).
The other interviewee is the chief resources officer at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.
Kathy Aswald was the executive director of the human resources at the Ford Motor Company
where she was actively involved in business development and human resource productivity. She

Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees 3
also featured among the top 50HR executives in the world in the year 2000. She is a leader in
organizational consultancy and business development activities. My selection for the two above
is that they have extensive knowledge in human resource development and capacity building in
human capital. They would be able to provide enough information and also be able to present
logical empirical research that i could use to make a conclusive decision on the hypothesis above
(Bernard, 2010).
The kind of questions that i intend to confirm with the respondents includes the following;
What are the common human resource management techniques that can motivate employees to
work hard without any financial compensation?
What policies in HRM can optimize productivity?
Give examples of the policies that have succeeded in increasing productivity in your current or
previous position?
Provide details of human resource management strategies those employees would positively
prevent staff turnover and possibly attract employees from other rival companies besides
financial or monetary compensation.
Can you outline stock options strategies that can motivate employees without diluting the
company’s stock values?
The details above are only samples that i would develop to provide a qualitative research study
that would capture all the answers that are required to conclude the research in question
(MacDuffie, 1995). For an effective and productive HRM policy, then a lot of consultation and
research work has to be undertaken before the final policies are drafted (Huselid, 1995). The two

Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees 4
respondents would provide an insight into the world of real human resource development and
productivity. The policies and strategies to be adopted would depend on the effectiveness of the
HRM policies and their impact on productivity.

Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees 5
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