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Self Reflective Journal One

Self Reflective Journal One

Write a one page reflection on how the readings (assigned chapters), handouts, and/or articles impact your teaching philosophy, approach,


Self Reflective Journal One

As teachers, we are supposed to be open-minded when it comes to teaching. This is in the
sense that all students are starting at the same point and should be taken as such regardless of
their level of understanding. In most cases, I have come to see that as teachers, we get classes
that are well balanced ethnically but are blinded to see how the students relate to each other from
all aspects such as culture, religion, or background. For instance, if a child is new to the class and
his or her culture is different from most of the other classmates, there is a high chance that if the
teachers are not keen there will be a form of discrimination and the child might feel left out and
not live up to their full potential (Patrick, Hisley and Kempler, 2000).

Over the years, as I have interacted with parents, each believes that their child has the
capacity to achieve all they desire with proper guidance. This has acted as a calling to me to
know that parents consider a teacher as a building foundation that will help their children achieve
success. In essence, it has opened my eyes to the fact that as the teacher, I am supposed to ensure
that children are not limited to attaining their goals based on how I and the rest of classmates

According to Sullo (2009), the teacher is the key motivator of all students. This is a
revelation to ensure I become the link between students and their success. In addition to this, I
have learnt that education is a continuous process that we all learn from both teachers and
students. From a general point of view, as a teacher I have come to appreciate the different
students that we receive and teach in our classes. Through them and through interaction with
their parents, one gets to learn of their different cultures, values, and belief, and a way to deal
with them without favoring one or the other.



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