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Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan

Consider the following questions:

oHow has your approach to and the concept of your own leadership style evolved as a result of your
study in this course?

oWhat specific tools, principles and leadership theories have influenced and/or shaped your professional
development plan?

oWhat tools, principles and leadership theories will you implement in your current professional position?

oWhat impact will the concepts learned and goals identified in this course have on the decisions you will
make as a dynamic leader and/or manager in the future?



Section 3—Reflecting on Your Professional Development Plan
Professional growth and development takes considerable time before one achieves the set
objectives. I have set goals and had a clear purpose I wanted to achieve in my life. Over the
years, I have taken on various leadership courses as well as responsibilities an opportunity that
has helped me to develop high level of confidence.
I do believe in nurturing of leadership. People learn about qualities of a leader through
the experiences in the environments they come from. I am a living testimony that indeed leaders
require mentoring and motivation. Taking leadership responsibilities at an early time has
provided me an opportunity to interact and to sharpen my communication and problem solving.
My level of confidence has also increased. I have as well learned Miller, 2011). The diversities
in corporations and the suitable approaches to manage or lead such environments . Therefore,
studying this course has enabled me to gain deeper knowledge and skills concerning leadership.
The responsibilities I have been engaging in have as well contributed to larger extent in evolving
of my democratic styles of leadership. As a leader, it is important to create a conducive
environment where the managers and the followers can engage in a constructive discussions and
criticism for the betterment of the organization.
Leadership to me is key to success of any organization (Cox, 2015). Leaders that have
missions and visions will take an entity far to achieve the set goals. One leadership theory that I


do believe has contributed immensely in shaping my professional development plan is
participative leadership style. I do believe that a leader should involve other people in their
leadership. Furthermore, I have personally benefited from the mentorship and network programs
established as a leader. Learning and sharing with other members of the organization enlarges
ones thinking and mind to address the problems that the organization faces.
I have remained steadfast to the visions and goals set. In my current professional
position, I believe that the appropriate theory to implement is transformational. I am the kind of
an individual that is receptive to the changing times and concerned about the future generations. I
will work to trigger change, to motivate, mobilize and trigger innovations and creativity among
the followers. every person in the organization should give their best for the organization to
achieve its goals and objectives.
The course has exposed me to valuable knowledge on different areas to enhance quality
and streamline operations as well ensure diversity in terms of cultures and aspects that pertains to
organizations. I am so enriched with knowledge that I do believe will be of great values when it
comes to prosperity of the organization. Concepts learned and goals identified will impact
greatly on the decisions that I will make as a dynamic leader in future. As a leader, I will have to
respect the views and opinions of the subordinates (Bauer, 2015). I will therefore treat them with
resilient and reverence as well ensure that they take part in the decision making process. I will as
well ensure that I adopt to sound ethical practices as a leader. A leader must remain honest and
have a sense of reasonability to them. Servant leadership is therefore essential in this scenario.
Furthermore, as a leader, I will endeavor to enhance quality and stream operations as well ensure
diversity in terms of cultures. Therefore, as a leader the focus will be to ensure that people from
different backgrounds embrace each other and work together for the success of the organization.


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