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Recovery Strategy

Recovery Strategy

Conduct research using a trusted internet resource, or a business magazine or journal to find an article
on the topic of a company experiencing legal issues related to workplace discrimination, unfair labor
practices, or unethical behavior. This source should also describe the organization’s approach in
managing and recovering from the charges brought against them.
�Recovery Strategies
In this unit’s studies, you conducted research on a company experiencing employment-related legal
issues. In this discussion, summarize the content of the article you chose and give your opinion regarding
whether you feel the company’s approach to managing and recovering from this issue was effective. Be
sure to provide a rationale to support your point of view.
Note: A recent company (2013 – 2014)


Recovery Strategy

Wal-Mart, one of the world’s largest companies, has been facing gender discrimination
suits for quite a long time. Wal-Mart’s original pregnancy policy provided that pregnant women
would only qualify to change their work environment as long as the change did have a negative
impact on the business, which would include creation of a job, light duty or temporary
alternative duty or reassignment (DePillis, 2014).
In January 2013, a certain group made complaints to Wal-Mart claiming that the policy
was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination
Act. The group proposed that Wal-Mart should allow women pregnant women to do easier jobs
instead of taking early lives of absence. Wal-Mart responded that its policy is perfectly legal and
that it was not going to change it.
Soon after Wal-Mart’s response, a group of women complained to the Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of Wal-Mart’s pregnant employee whose
supervisor refused to relieve her of the burden of climbing ladders with heavy boxes despite
having brought a medical note explaining that such work was harmful. A month after the
complaint, two company shareholders who also work at Wal-Mart proposed to the Securities and
Exchange Commission for the policy to be changed.
In March 2014, Wal-Mart issued a new policy providing that women may be eligible for
reasonable accommodation in circumstances where temporary disability caused by pregnancy
makes them to require assistance to make an apply for a new job or to carry out essential
functions of a job. This theoretically implies that pregnant employees are more likely to be
assigned less physically demanding jobs if they experience difficulty carrying out their duties. If

the policy is properly implemented, it will help Wal-Mart come good on the manner in which it
treats women, and thus achieve a reputation for equal treatment of employees.



DePillis, L. (2014). Under pressure, Wal-Mart upgrades its policy for helping pregnant workers.
The Washington Post.

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