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Rapid Technological Changes and Digital Marketing

On Rapid Technological Changes and Digital Marketing
Have you ever wondered when tech innovators can tech a break and go on holiday
and for a few months forget about coming up with new tech ideas and concepts?
Technological risks are real. They have a significant impact on corporations. The risks that
there would be resultant losses due to changes in technological systems. The technological
changes cost companies a large amount of money to implement. The online world is ever
changing. Yes, and it changes so rapidly. The rapid changes have a massive impact on
companies. What are these effects of technological changes on companies? How do they
affect digital marketing?
The frequent, rapid and numerous changes to technology have also affected digital
marketing to. These rapid changes caused the migration from conventional advertising on
television to more accessible forms of marketing on digital platforms and social media
mobile-based apps. The speed with which social media apps also cause jitters and
apprehension among consumers of digital marketing. Digital marketers have had to
experience the introduction of several social media platforms. This does create a significant
challenge of identification of the best and most appropriate social media platforms that are
ideal for digital marketing? Various social media apps have experienced obsolescence.
Digital marketers have to deal with the constant challenge of identification of digital
platforms that best bring out the best marketing outcomes (Bach and Alghamdi 2014).
Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, WordPress, LinkedIn and WhatsApp among others
are some of the social media platforms that pause the challenge of the establishment of the

Running Head: Technological Advancement and Digital Marketing 2
most suitable and effective media that best captures the highest number of responses from
followers of the media. Which of these would best advance digital marketing? Which has the
highest number of active viewership and responses to digital marketing and advertising. Even
with the increase in the number of options in digital marketing, another challenge that goes in
tandem with the rapid changes is the challenge of information security threatened by online
Digital marketing needs to adapt to the frequency and pace with which technological
changes occur in the digital market? But what exactly should digital marketer proponents do
to adapt to these changes while mitigating on the resultant losses from the changes? (Geffen

Running Head: Technological Advancement and Digital Marketing 3

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