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Personal Development Portfolio

This final PDP Assignment aims to build on the knowledge from the module and apply this to the real


This Research Methods module has provided you with an understanding of the principles and skills
needed in order to design and conduct business management research. This week�s Personal
Development Portfolio activity will enable you to reflect on your learning and experiences. You will
consider how these concepts will apply to the next step, whether this is relating to academic research
project or any other research that you may undertake for the investigation of a business problem in your

professional context.

To prepare for this PDP Assignment:

� How has the information that you have discussed across the entire class, researched and read helped
you to understand the practice of academic research and the type of research skills that you have

developed over your previous modules?

� Have your ideas and views of academic research now changed?

Personal Development Portfolio 2
� How has your understanding of academic research and your own ability to conduct research


� How will you apply what you have learnt so far and overall when conducting future research?

� What is the importance of ethical conduct in research, and how might this influence any potential,

future research projects that you

Personal Development Portfolio


The fundamental role of this paper is to mainly reflect on the study which I came upon in
the four weeks period of the module. First of all, I would like to establish the way in which the

Personal Development Portfolio 3
processed data explained in the lecture theater, read and researched has helped me towards the
comprehension of the activities of the academic study and the structure of the studying
techniques which I have to build up in the past units. The second goal is the way that my
concepts and point of views regarding the academic study have drastically changed. Thirdly, will
look deeply how my comprehension of the academic research and personal potential to perform
an inquiry has grown. Lastly, will try to disclose to the readers how I will personally employ
what I have acquired as far as academic research is concerned. The knowledge gained will assist
me to undertake future studies.
Learning points
The processed data explained in the lecture class, read and researched has permitted me
to possess an excellent comprehension of the academic research activities. For example, I
considered that the study topic that’s look to be examined is mandated to be directive and precise.
That is, it portrays to the readers the actual meaning of the research and the possible connection
among the variables, (Bell, 2014). When conducting a research study, it is the focus of an
inquirer to offer future studies instruction on the research issues under the research questions.
The fundamental nature is not only aimed to create the know-how built but also attempt
and answer any queries which have been left undisclosed. Additionally, I have learned that the
capability of a person conducting the research to come up with fields that require additional
studies shows that an examiner is not only enthusiastic but also on the set to hold up the
continuation of the research, (Sarantakos, 2012).
The facts about the research methodologies and design also assisted me to comprehend
that the study procedure is a methodical process. That is, it needs an individual to come up with

Personal Development Portfolio 4
the study topic, narrate the motive for the concentration in the area under discussion, shed light
on the goal to instruct the research system, and work out the research queries, (Sutirtha, Moddy,
Lowry, Chakraborty, Hardin, 2015). Above and beyond the research activities demands an
individual to investigate the past research which has been conducted out on the same research
topic and develop broad-ranging research methods to grow the vital data for analysis. The
studying process includes the findings reporting, providing the recommendation, and coming up
with opportunities for long-term studies. Despite the fact that each and every segment of the
studying system is important, emphasis should focus on the methods used to conduct the
research. The reality of the matter is that the environment of the techniques used has the
propensity to establish how relevant the results will be displayed out. The focused part should be
on the research paradigm, (Glogowska, 2015). That is the investigator has to be very cautious
when it comes to the selection of the proper research methods to carry out the research.
My concepts and point of views as far as the academic study is concerned are that they
have drastically changed. It is because; in the past, my perception about the research system was
purely meant to satisfy the board of examiners so that I could excellently prosper in my exams.
All I thought of was to be successful as far as higher education program is concerned. On the
contrary, I am fully conscious that the academic studies progression may have a bigger impact on
the community as a whole, (Collis, and Hussey, 2013). That is, it might help in coming up with
appropriate solutions to solve challenges that have prolonged to confront the community. As a
matter of fact, it is fundamental to take on the academic studies with caution and bring together
the endeavor in easing the stipulated measures.
Development points

Personal Development Portfolio 5
I believe that I require studying more about the submission of the mixed methods in the
research design. That is the qualitative and qualitative research methods used in the survey. As
the unit is leaning me as the researcher towards these techniques, I am not in a position to
comprehend how the two methods can be employed simultaneously. Personally, I embrace that
throughout the employment of the mixed methods of the research design that the investigator or
the researcher uses, can be permitted to show full-bodied and more having substantial effects on
findings, (Bazeley, and Kemp, 2012). Therefore, as an individual, I think that I should personally
make concentrated efforts to fully comprehend the claims of the mixed methods of the research
design (qualitative research methodology and quantitative research methodology), (Bryman, and
Bell, 2015)
Also, I will make sure that I take into consideration ethical issues related to the academic
research. That is, before undertaking any study will be vital to seek permission, communicate to
the respondent in writing, and plan on how to store data. Following this ethical issue, as the
researcher, I will be morally right or ethical to conduct the research.
Conclusively, my comprehension about the academic studies and my capacity to perform
an academic research has grown enormously. As a person, I am not quite sure about the multiple
methods contained and how to relate to them efficiently and effectively. For instance, I currently
have the know-how of where an individual can draw from the issues of the study. That is, the
accessible societal position quo, and the prevailing prose can assist an individual to pin down a
problem that needs the examination to establish an appropriate cause of the research. In the long
run, as a researcher, I will employ the knowledge I have acquired as far as academic research is

Personal Development Portfolio 6
concerned to help me conduct definitive studies in an effective and efficient way. For instance,
instead of looking for broad objectives and topics, with the knowledge I have about the academic
research I believe I will be on point and precise. It will permit me to focus on my future
investigation. What’s more, as a researcher is that I will look for multiple approaches in the
course of my research that will make sure that my research proposal is reliable and credible, free
from any biases, (Grant, 2016). In this kind of manner, as a researcher I will be a responsible for
the basis of the know-how despite the consequences of how complicated a challenge may seem
to be.


Personal Development Portfolio 7
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