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Personal career strategy

Student strategy paper

Students will use the strategy literature and concepts such as SWOT to develop a personal
strategy for their supply chain management career after graduation. Write about your short, medium, and
long term career goals, and develop a strategy to achieve them. Average length 8 to 10 pages.
PAPER WILL BE GRADED STRICTLY FOR COMPLETENESS! Do not submit lazy work or your grade
will reflect this.
Paper Guidelines
Executive Summary/Statement of Purpose (Must be 2-3 pages)
� This should include an overview of your entire paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion
Body of your Paper (4-5 pages)
� Discuss your plans after graduation with the following questions in mind:
o What do you intend to do? Are you planning to pursue another degree?
o What career field interests you? Why? What are you plans to get into this career field? Spend some
time researching the field you are interested in and provide context on why you believe that is the field of
choice for you.
o Research the type of job you would like to have after graduation.
o What experiences do you have now that will help you when you enter in this field?
o What specific classes have you taken that you believe have prepared you for the real world? Why?
o Are there any extracurricular activities that you were a part of that built your leadership skills for the
particular career of your choice? Why?


o Tell your story, how did you end up pursuing this degree and how has your life experience impacted
you in a way that will benefit you in your life?

Executive summary
When a person joins a certain course, they usually have a career in mind which they
would want to develop. At times, it is even difficult to tell whether the courses stimulate the
given career or it is the innate career that drives a person to take a given course. As for me, there
is no doubt that this is the right career for me. It is possible to give outside review of the reasons
for this view, but still there is the innate feeling which is always unexplainable when it comes to
careers as a form of calling. The right knowledge and skills pertaining this career has made me
conclusively decides sufficiently, that this is the right career for me, in the supply chain
This paper gives an overview of the future plans in this noble career in regard to the
gained knowledge and skills and again in respect to the anticipated developments in the career
such as doing further studies. This overview is done in line with the SWOT guidelines. The


SWOT is tool composed of simple guidelines that are used in strategic planning in view of the
external and the internal factors.
In view of this aspect then, this paper is developed in view of the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats. In the course of the development of a career, one comes to realize the
strengths that one has. In my career, I have the strengths of being very sharp when it comes to
mathematical calculations. This, I have come to realize, is a very strong point that articulates one
perfectly in this field. I also have strength in the sense that I have some valuable skills that are
very crucial in this career. Interaction with people has made me realize that I have admirable
leadership traits such as being charismatic as well as having the ability to apply different
leadership skills as per the prevailing situation.
Anyone with a gist of honesty will tell you their weaknesses. Having a weakness does not
imply failure. Every professional should be aware of their weaknesses so as to put more effort on
them in a bid to avoid getting failed by the same. In my career, I have realized that have
weakness in the sense that sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to deal with people especially
when it requires an aspect of controlling them. This is a weakness because, people are not the
same and therefore, some require to be controlled. But I have realized that sometimes, it is
difficult for me to deal with such situations. This a weak point because, in the supply chain, you
cannot avoid dealing with people, and in a group of people you will not fail to get some who
require pushing for them to do their work.
The opportunities available in this career are unlimited. I have realized that there a
myriads of job opportunities that are linked to supply chain. It is a field full of careers and one
has to make choice of their career in respect to their strengths and weaknesses. From the


opportunities available, I would like to be a manager in a supply chain company. This way, I
would explore the available opportunities to enlarge the undertakings of the company such the
goals of the companies are realized within the stipulated time. The knowledge from the courses
taken can propel me to this level but they will not be enough. Further studies would increase my
opportunities. This is an area that I am keeping an eye on. Even the choice of this position is I
consideration of the fact that it would be possible to arrange for time to engage in further studies
because, at this level, there is no long chain for getting the permission. It is also easier to
delegate at this level.

I have had an eye in the field of supply chain management since childhood. In many of
the educational institutions I have been through, there has been some knowledge impacted in me
that has relationship to this career. After graduation I would want to work in a supply chain
management. I would not mind to start as an officer, but my long term goal is to become a
manager in such a career. In order to be able to achieve this position, I would pursue another
degree so as to rise up the opportunities to become a manager. This view is from the realization
that the world today is very competitive. It is not the time when the competition was just local.
Things have become global and we are therefore competing internationally.
The reason why I would want to be a manager in a supply chain company is because; I
have the right knowledge and skills that can take me there. I also have the leadership skills that
are very crucial when it comes to such positions in a company. When one is a manager in a
company, there is every opportunity to exercise the leadership skills in a bid to realize the goals


of the company. It becomes possible for one to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in
education to see that the company runs smoothly.
It may be difficult to reach to this intended position due to the said completion, but I
would be patient even if I start as an officer. The dedication that I have would be easily noticed
by any sensible leader in the company and I have no doubt that even if I started as an officer, I
would be promoted to managerial position due to the dedication to my work. Therefore, after
graduation, I would not mind starting as an officer or any other lower rank, but my eye would be
to the managerial position, for I know that is where I belong.
Skills and knowledge
The management in the supply chain entails application of the knowledge and the skills
that I believe I have. In essence, supply chain management involves control of the movement of
goods and services. (Tadeu, Alexandre et al, p 438)It entails storage of the raw materials and
ensuring their management such that their condition is monitored. It also involves inventory in
the work-in-process. It also calls for management of the movement of the finished goods from
the point of manufactory to the point of consumption. This calls for application of the right
knowledge and skills. The right skills must be projected in the monitoring and the control of the
supply chain activities such that there is maximization of output as well as achievement of
competitive advantage.
I can rightfully say that I have some experience that could be very useful in this career.
Before joining the university, I worked with a company that engaged in the manufacturing and
supply of plastic containers. Although at that time I was an ordinary employee with no rank that
could enable me to engage in the management, I learned a lot of the undertakings that take place


in these kinds of businesses. This experience taught me much about the deliberations of the
employees that could be very useful in the execution of duties n the managerial position.
I have also done classes in management that gave me useful knowledge when it comes to
management. It is these classes that enlightened me concerning the different styles of leadership
as an aspect of management. Despite the availability of the different types of management that
are usually applicable as per ones’ personality, it is always crucial to apply different styles in
consideration to the prevailing circumstances (Tadeu, Alexandre et al, p 40). The computer
classes I have undertaken are of immense importance to this career. In the modern world, it is
unimaginable how one can hold such a position without the knowledge and skills of computer
application. The skills and knowledge that I have in different applications of computer would be
very useful in execution of the management duties in the supply chain management.
Extracurricular activities
In high school, I used to play foot ball. I cannot say that I was a champion but I played
well. The engagements in the extracurricular activities build my leadership skills in the sense that
I learned social skills such as cooperation. This extracurricular activity could be applicable in the
management in the sense that, there could be organization of football matches, say at the end of
the year. These could bring the employees together in a relaxed mood such that new bonds could
be developed. The engagement of the manager in those matches could motivate and encourage
the employees.
It is from the realization that I can make a good manager that made me pursue this
degree. I have always aspired to be in a management possible where I apply skills and
knowledge to see things work out. I do well in the skills of management, even outside work


context. For instance, I have been a class leader in high school whereby I portrayed skills of
good leadership. My short term goal therefore is to complete this course successfully, then get a
job, even if I start as an ordinary officer in a supply chain company. The long term goal remains
to become a manager in the supply chain company.
In order to achieve those goals, I work hard in my studies and ensure that I finish
assignments in good time. I also endeavor to articulate my management skills in whatever
position I will land in the supply chain company so that I can easily be elevated to managerial
position. I also intent to further my studies, to the level of masters and even further, so as to raise
my chances of being appointed as a manager. I by any chance, these plans fail; I would register
my own supply chain company after a few years of working and saving enough capital. This
way, there would be no question who will be the manager.
In order to succeed in the management position in a supply chain company, it is crucial to
apply the SWOT analysis. In the management, it would be crucial to consider the strengths of the
company, what positive aspects elevate it or gives it competitive advantage. It is also important
to consider the weak areas that could expose the company to competition that is uncalled for
from the other similar companies. The opportunities that are available to be explored are also
considered. It is also crucial to consider the prevailing weaknesses that need to be guarded to
avoid fall of the company.
The deliberations of my role model when it comes to management would not escape my
mind. The undertakings of Howard Schultz, the chairman and CEO Starbucks coffee company
have taught me the essence of management in companies. My accomplishments so far, can be
rated with the scores in the classroom. I have been doing well in my assignments.



In order for a person to succeed in their career of choice, it is crucial that they receive the
right training concerning this career. The degree that am pursuing is very much relevant to my
dream career of becoming a manager in a supply chain company. This degree is certainly
equipping me with the right knowledge and skills in the management required in this field. The
knowledge and skills that I have in computer application is also an added advantage. Above all,
it is very crucial to apply the SWOT factors that have been instilled in me in by this course. Life
experiences have taught me that, things do not always happen as one anticipates. That is why I
have a plan B such that, if I do not land a job of a manager in a supply chain company, then I
would have to open my own supply chain company so that I can become the manager. This I
have learned from my role model in management, Howard, who opened his own tea company
after his ideas were not warmly received in the company he was working for.



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