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Performance Management

Write about how integrating training, development and individual/organisational learning
strategies with performance management could help overcome the implementation challenges in the

essay which sent by mail.

In your discussion, consider what new challenges could arise, and how these might impact employee

engagement, capability and performance

Researching and summarising additional scholarly and professional resources and how these might be
useful to leaders responsible for integrating training and development with performance management

Performance Management


Performance management refers to all activities by the management to ensure that the set
goals and objectives are met within time. It mainly focuses on the main areas of management
that include departments, employees, the entire organization or new product development.
However, performance management faces many challenges in its implementation. It applies in
all areas of life including interactions in social places like schools. The benefits are that there is
effective service delivery among the people involved (Van Dooren, et’ al,.2015). The outcome
might be positive or negative depending on the way the people involved take it, however, a nice
performance management strategy should include all the people involved.
Training of employees and motivation in alignment with the performance management
helps the management in various ways. The organization gains from direct financial gains. The
level of returns is sure of good outcomes in future. The company will experience growth in sales
while reducing organization costs. Fewer project overruns are experienced with an alignment
with direct top management goals (De Waal, A.2013). The management cost is reduced given
that the time was taken to create strategic changes takes a short time to communicate. It also
facilitates a motivated workforce. This is as a result of optimization of incentive plans to suit
overachievement. The employee engagement is improved as everyone understands what to do.
This results in transparency in the achievement of goals.
With an effective training program, there is improved management control. The
employees will be responsive and flexible to the needs of management. Auditing and other
legislative requirements plus communication of strategic goals are easy. This is facilitated by a
well-documented communication process (De Waal, A.2013). However, with the improving

level of technology and the changing employee behavior, performance management faces many
challenges arising as discussed below.
There is a lack of integration and performance management needs to be achieved in an
integral manner. This, therefore, affects the communication process. The design challenge is also
a key challenge. This is because it makes hard to communicate in a designed manner given that
there is no good communication flow from one level of management to another. The leadership
can also fail to give support resulting in low employee morale. This can lead to very low
employee motivation and thus low production. A failure can also arise during the implementation
process (Van Dooren, et’ al,.2015). Changes in performance management need to be handled
strategically. Incompetence and lack of rewards also greatly affect how employees react to the
performance management and can affect the achievement of goals in the long run. Employee
performance management is seen to be the most important factor in achieving the set goals of
any organization and should then have a big value.



Van Dooren, W., Bouckaert, G., & Halligan, J. (2015). Performance management in the public
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