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Ocean-Driven Hydropower

The Beneficial Invention: We live in an age of great technological change. Imagine that you could choose
what the next great invention would be. What invention would be the most beneficial for society, and
why? Write a well-organized persuasive essay in which you explain your choice.

Ocean-Driven Hydropower

Necessity is the mother of invention, and inventions from typical ones to the most
complex and sophisticated ones are majorly motivated towards resolving a particular problem or
need. However, with different problems or needs requiring varied solution alternatives, modern
day inventions are no longer driven by necessity but austerity in order to ensure that the most
appropriate option is pursued for optimal results (Kreis). Thus, De Bono argues that “since the
development of a sewing machine to the railway to the telegraph, the nineteenth century was a
buzz with inventions” (53). This was immediately followed by other numerous inventions
including the light bulb, the typewriter, X-ray as well as the wireless communication all the way
up to the most recent inventions that are highly complex and sophisticated solving serious
problems in a vast range of problems across all areas affecting the humanity and nature.
However, most of these inventions have also presented their fair share of challenges including
environmental challenges arising from industrial pollution, in particular the global warming
and/or climate change which have been attributed to a myriad of social-economical problems
Nowadays, more emphasis has been focused on mitigating these environmental
challenges mostly caused by the sources of energy used in industries as well as powering
automobiles through green and sustainable energy. This is a need which has been recognized due
to the extent of devastating environmental problems attributable to global warming and/or
climate change such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, among others. As a result, the zeal to invent
an appropriate to address these challenges has been significantly heightened mostly through
green and sustainable energy alternatives that would greatly reduce industrial pollution
subsequently ensuring that challenges caused by global warming and/or climate change are
alleviated once and for all (Meyer).
As such, ocean-driven hydropower will definitely be one of the greatest inventions in the
future envisaged to be the most beneficial as we continue to consistently and rapidly undergo the
age of tremendous technological change. Schneider rightfully argues “the potential of ocean-
driven hydropower has immense potential in providing substantial green and sustainable energy
in the future, which would subsequently result to significant reductions in industrial pollution
thereby contributing to the resolving of many environmental issues that confront humanity
today” (2). Furthermore, Maynard claims that “the ocean is significantly vast and has an
immense potential to be exponentially and infinitely tapped to provided the most need green as
well as sustainable energy if the turbines which are currently being designed to harness the
ocean’s hydropower potential are commercialized” (633).
This great invention which is envisaged to be almost a panacea to most environmental
challenges stemming from industrial pollution in future through utilization of its potential to

capture energy from ocean currents subsequently converting this wave power into electricity is
not without a feasibility hurdle, because it will require significant amounts of investment.
However, Schneider rightfully argues that “these investments are not comparable to the benefits
expected to accrue from this great invention not only in cutting energy consumption costs but
also in terms of reducing the costs involved in mitigating the environmental risks as well as
addressing environmental problems or issues arising from industrial pollution caused by
conventional sources of energy such as bio fuels and biomass fuels” (3). Thus, this beneficial
invention will be a great breakthrough towards addressing energy needs as well as environmental
challenges in future.

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