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Nypro, Inc

Nypro, Inc is a manufacturing company that deals in plastic products. The plastic products are designed
and developed as per the customers’ requirements. The major operations for Nypro, Inc include mold
making and design, decoration, precision injection and molding, assembly, management of supply chain
and shipping goods. Nypro, Inc serves the interests of different industries ranging from the Electronics
industry, Medical and healthcare industry, independent consumers and packaging industries. Nypro, Inc
was initially known as Nylon Products, Inc and it later changed its official name to Nypro, Inc in the year

  1. It was founded in the year 1955 and has its headquarters in Clinton, Massachusetts. Nypro, Inc,
    from 1 st July the year 2013 became a subsidiary of Jabil Circuit Inc. www.Nypro,Inc
    How does the internal market for innovation at Nypro function?
    The internal market for the innovations at Nypro, Inc was greatly facilitated by the team work
    and the cooperation between the different units that existed at all the branches of the company
    worldwide. The internal market for innovations was led by a group of engineers from Nypro and
    also some from the customers company. This team was known as the development team and
    its major function entailed developing new and latest product ideas and efficient, cost effective
    process innovations. The Continuous improvement Teams (CIT) was responsible for every
    product produced its implementation and other constant improvements for its overall efficiency.
    Any team that stagnated was quickly restructured and new leadership substituted and new
    strategies adopted to maintain their innovative status. Each group was kept at par with the

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development of other teams and while the teams also monitored the projects being worked on.
Eventually the innovations developed and their success were spread around to other branches
worldwide for considerations and their improvements to suit other needs of new or existing
customers. The internal market for innovations utilized the same innovations developed
internally for their own projects. The number and nuture of projects the teams worked on are
vast and varied. The projects are different and some have been initiated by the clients of the
products. These teams develop new and unique products that they share among the various
branches or units found globally.

How does Lankton manage the process?
Gordon Lankton is one of the founders of Nypro, Inc and its current chairman. Lanktons
competitiveness influenced most of his decisions and management styles. Lanktons concept of
maintaining a vigorous rate of growth and total avoidance of stagnation contributed to the
success of Nypro, Inc. Lanktons idea that the most entrepreneurial employees would leave the
company in search of greener pastures if the company stagnated motivated him to find new
innovations and also encouraged the different units to do the same. (Clayton and Overdorf, 2000)
Lankton invented the stock program to motivate and reward the most valuable employees. To
be considered for the program a formula was used to measure the number of years the
employee has been working for Nypro, Inc, the pay level and the general performance ratings.
Employees were also considered for stock ownership and those who qualified participated in the
selection of directors for the Nypro Board. (Nypro, Inc., 2012) The organizational structure at
Nypro nurtured and facilitated the aggressive nature of internal competition and the constant
reference to the performance records that compared the different units’ performance against
each other. Gordon Lankton is generally lauded for the success of these initiatives which

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brought a lot of success to the operations of Nypro, Inc. Lankton major objective was to promote
entrepreneurship i.e. promoting the employees who are responsible for the profitable innovations or the
introduction of new ideas for earning more business and economic benefits. This ultimately resulted in the
rejuvenation of the organizations as a result of increased business opportunities. (Scott, 2003).

How would you go about making the NovaPlast decision?
To make a decision on the Novaplast project its characteristics have to be analyzed. Novaplast
is a small molding machine that’s cost effective and minimizes costs in the short run. (Clayton
and Overdorf, 2000) Its products are of high quality though its volume of production is lower
compared with the other machines but it can be upgraded to produce a larger volume. Its
precision injection molding is of high quality with a shorter lead time. The just in time method of
deliveries can be facilitated more conveniently by the use of the low cavitation Novaplast
particular production of a minute mold change operations. (Nypro, Inc., 2012) Novaplast enables
faster prototyping, enhanced product development and the introduction of the ramp-up upgrade
of high volume production of the Novaplast. The mold bases for the Novaplast have a maximum
cavitation which can only be extended by an upgrade which is one of its advantages as it meets
most of the needs of Nypro.The capital cost of the Novaplast and its subsequent maintenance
costs are lower in comparisons to other machines with similar production needs. The Novaplast
machine whose molds are three level design complexity and whose production targets are over
a million constant material reusage should seriously be considered for Nypro, Inc operations.

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