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Could you help me to create a memo about Installing WAN. I will upload the requirement and background
of it. Thank you so much.
the Requirements
From: Anita Lotta-Help
Date: Module Four
Re: Where can I learn more about Data Center Management?
I need your help. I have to bone up on the current issues with managing medium to large data centers
before my meeting with the CIO in two weeks. I know about several blogs that cover these topics, but the
blogs are hit or miss. I�ve read the Wikipedia pages, but what I am in need of are some key industry
white papers on these subjects. I don�t need basics, but what are the current trends and issues?
Could you guide me to these things?
First, I have time to read about 4-5 papers around the topic. What are the key papers (using either these
or other keywords) that I should read?
Second, I�d like to know where to go to find the richest repositories of media and industry whitepapers
(or academic papers if you can find them) about these�and related�subjects? Can you provide me with
the best sites (at least 3, along with a short description of each) you know about?
Could you get something to me by the end of the workday in two weeks? I am looking for two pages at
the very most�in annotated list form this time. Thanks.
(Annotated list form: Lists the article title, it�s URL, and a summary of what I�ll learn if I read the article,
including its strengths and weaknesses). It is okay to use sites that require registration, or are on the
DePaul library site (like Gartner). Stay away from books, too old. Also, all articles should be less than two
years old. Please draw from more than 2 sources (so if you use Gartner for one, you must find other
sources for your remaining articles)

Subject: Where to get rich information about Data Center Management
Configuring a WAN and managing a Data Center require rich information and good
sources that one can obtain information. On the same note, requires step by step guide to help

in installation of AT&T, internet connection, server configuration and Point of sale system to
ensure that business is running well. I have prepared a list of credible and reliable sources that
can provide the required training, insights and valuable tips for Data Center Management, and a
well-prepared troubleshooting guide.


This site provides guides and instructions about how to configure a Wide Area Network
with multiple wan connections (Spiceworks, 2013). The site also has discussion forums where
you can paste your questions and discuss with other technology experts.

A guide to simplifying data center management www.computerweekly.com
This website provides a simplified guide to data center management. The site also
features different “how to’s” to help you learn how to do different IT related stuff. This site is
ideal to learn concepts relating to data center management. The site also has a lot of discussions
relating to data center management and setting up of servers.

Certified Data Center Management CNet Training.com

This company hosts some of the best IT guru’s who are well informed about Data
Center Management. The site provides certifications for Data Center Management
Professionals (CNet Training, n.d.). They also offer expert advice and live charts once you have
registered with them.
Therefore, before upgrading the systems, the technicians can obtain information from
the above-discussed sites. The sites contain a lot of information about Data Center Management
and how to configure WAN. These sites update its members through email services. It provides

current information about Information technology, data security, computer configurations and
networking among others.



Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) | CNet Training. (n.d.).

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