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Managing Water in the Ancient World

Managing Water in the Ancient World

Water is a metaphor for life; it is also a crucial ingredient to the emergence of civilization. First, review
the Managing Water in the Ancient World presentation. Then, pick one of the following civilizations:
So I pick Egypt Civilization.

How did this society attempt to secure a fresh water source?
How did the nature of the water supply itself condition the strategy this society chose?
What resources, labor, and materials were required to build and maintain the tools or techniques
required by the strategy?
What side effects or potential problems arose as this society developed, established, expanded, or
maintained this water supply strategy?
Why do you think this water management strategy was effective or ultimately ineffective?


Managing Water in the Ancient World

Egypt had one of the most sophisticated methods of water harvesting in the ancient
time. The urban water resource administration had assumed a vital part in the advancement of
Egypt ancient development.
In Ancient Egypt, there were wells that gave clean water. The encounters of
humankind from the earliest starting point vouch for the significance and security of
groundwater as a water source, especially springs and wells. The method in which water
supply and sanitation was sorted out was crucial for right-on-time rural social orders. They
used diverse methods to assert the safety of water, this encompassed taste, smell, appearance,
and temperature. All through antiquated times, vapid waters, unscented, and dreary waters
were viewed as the best, and stagnant, mucky water was dodged (Simonovic, Fahmy, & El-
Shorbagy, 1997). The Egyptians utilized diverse systems to enhance the nature of the water
on the off chance that it did not fulfill their quality necessities. Settling tanks, sifters, channels
and the bubbling of water were systems utilized in the ancient Egypt.
Unfortunately, as the population increased, infections and pathogens moved most
effectively by water in the ancient Egypt. This implied that the old Egyptian world evolved to
be pretty much a typical pool of irresistible illnesses. Two imperative infections created by
parasites were personally associated with water bodies like the Nile in the old Egypt:


specifically jungle fever and schistosomiasis. The kind of horticulture, that is, the watering
system, flooding of the Nile, must have spread the ailment. In spite of the fact that the proof
from old Egyptian restorative papyri stays difficult to decipher, there is a solid pale obsessive
confirmation of schistosomiasis in human remains from antiquated Egypt. Simonovic, Fahmy
and El-Shorbagy (1997) once argued that the ancient Egyptians tried diverse water cleansing
and purification methods, but unfortunately did not fully succeed as a result of having
inadequate knowledge on how best to go about it. Therefore the water born problem persisted
for decades until new advanced water purification methods were realized.
In conclusion, water supply and sanitation frameworks constantly obliged to constant
maintenance and sufficient restoration. For our own well-being, it is crucial to ensure that
water is great and safe, notwithstanding whether it is from pipes or sources like wells.



Simonovic, S. P., Fahmy, H., & El-Shorbagy, A. (1997). The use of object-oriented modeling
for water resources planning in Egypt. Water Resources Management, 11(4), 243-261.

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