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Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

APA is critical for this paper, and the writer must first read the instructions and then proceed to respond
base on the instructions giving. The writer will select an article which is a peer review or practitioner and
must not be more than 5 years old. The writer will then follow the instructions to respond to the
assignment. As mentioned earlier, APA is critical and the writer must properly format the paper in APA

following the instructions of the prof.
Implications of Ethical Dilemmas in Practice

One way of broaching the topic of ethics in professional practice is to focus on particular ethical dilemmas
that arise in the research or practice that surrounds management activities themselves. For example,
well-known ethical dilemmas exist in the field of human resources, and other dilemmas surround the

handling of financial transactions and decisions.

Search the internet for a scholarly or practitioner article in a peer-reviewed journal not older than 5 years
that deals with an ethical dilemma in a management context. How might you research the dilemma
presented in the article? Would you examine causation, interventions, solutions, structural issues, or
other aspects? Select one or two aspects of the issue presented, and think about how you might
formulate a research-oriented approach that would benefit the larger professional practice.
Begin by presenting a brief overview of the article you found. Next, present the ethical dilemma, followed

by your research approach and its potential practice-based benefits.

Question 1

Solution: since indicates the entry in A which is in the i th row and in the j th column, we see that:





Question 2

Question 3

Question 4



Question 5

Question 6


Question 7

Question 8


Question 9

For the first choice of A, we write the augmented matrix [A I]:

Then subtracting two times row 1 from row 2 and subtracting three times row 3 from row 2


For the second choice of A, write the augmented matrix [A I]:

Subtracting row 1 from rows 2 and 3 yields:

In turn, subtracting row 2 from rows 1 and 3 yields:

Finally, subtracting row 3 from row 2 yields:



Question 10

Has L = I and;

A = LU has U = A (pivots on the diagonal);

A = LDU has with 1s on the diagonal.

Question 11

Question 12
Start with the augmented matrix:

Then the only row on the left that doesn’t already look like the identity matrix is the second row;
we just need subtract rows 1 and 3 from row 2, which gives:


To find, start with the augmented matrix:

Replace the 1 st row by half of itself and add half of the 1 st row to the 2 nd row:

Next, add a third of the second row to the first, add 2/3 the second row to the third, and multiply
the second row by 2/3:

Finally, multiply the third row by 3/4, and then add 1/3 of the result to row 1 and add 2/3 of the
result to row 2:



To find, start with the augmented matrix:

First, switch rows 1 and 3:

Now, subtract row 2 from row 1 and subtract row 3 from row 2:


Question 13


Question 14




Strang, G. (2013). Linear Algebra and its Applications, (4 th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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