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Learning Style Reflection

Learning Style Reflection

Create a modified multiple intelligences survey that may be given to students.
This survey should include a measurement to weigh strengths versus weaknesses. Be sure to write
the survey in student-friendly language and make the length appropriate for the grade level you teach
(8th grade math).

After you answer the survey and create your own survey, write 2-3 paragraphs that address the

  • What have you learned about your learning style?
  • Elaborate on one area in which you are weak and how you might meet the needs of a student who
    is strong in this area.
  • Elaborate on one area in which you are strong and how you might meet the needs of a student who
    is weak in this area?
  • Share any other �a-ha� moments you have had while examining learning styles.
  • How will understanding the learning styles of your students help you in your teaching practice?

Learning Style Reflection

Every student has different receptive styles of receiving and processing information
when it comes to learning. Some of the learning styles include tactical, visual, auditory, and

writing/reading. Although some students use more than one learning style, this is however
uncommon amongst most students. This paper reflects on the personal learning styles, their
advantages, and importance.

Strengths and Weaknesses of My Learning Style

After surveying learning styles, I concluded that I enjoy studying alone in a quiet
room to reflect on my thoughts about the particular topic. I find it easy to make notes using
flash cards and review them later. I am also able to recall easily or spell out some words or
mathematical formulas by visualizing them in my mind. I consider this a strong approach,
and I use it to help my students who are weak in word spelling. I advise them to take their
time in spelling certain words by invisibly writing them in the air.
From this survey, I have also realized that I find it difficult to change my view about
certain things or even understand them well whenever I learn them from a single source. This
is a weakness for me, and I intend to use this vulnerability to strengthen the needs of the
strong students by encouraging them. It is essential for me to understand my student’s
learning styles to make them learn and retain information successfully.
Advantages of Learning Styles

They are many benefits associated with knowing learning styles. Some of the benefits
include helping in examination preparation, taking notes, and keeping focus (Moon, 2013).
Since I have a read/write style, I normally write summaries of whatever I read by highlighting
important content. Flash cards are important to me, especially when preparing for an
examination and when I am learning new words. They allow me to memorize certain words
and easily recall information.

Importance of Learning Styles in Teaching Practice

Although there is no limit to how much students can learn, however, their mindset
affects the decisions they make, the risk they take, the effort put, and the amount of challenge

they are willing to accept (Moon, 2013). Students with fixed mindsets believe that they are
wasting their time in learning a challenging course because they think they will not
understand it. On the other hand, a student with a growth mindset realizes that they need to
work harder to attain good grades in all courses (Moon, 2013).


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