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Leadership Reflection Journal

Leadership Reflection Journal

Develop strategies for effective leadership in different situations and discribe and explain your position
from your readings.

Purpose: This journal should be written in the first person and should be critically reflective. As such, you
will discuss the most important concepts that you have learned throughout the week and how those
concepts may be applied to your leadership career.

Assignment Description: Your Leadership Reflection Journal should exhibit personal reflection of your
present leadership competencies and also possible adjustments that could be made to your leadership
approach. Importantly, your Journal entry should be in light of the various concepts that have in covered
each week in the course. Also of importance, the Leadership Reflection Journal should be far beyond a
mere casual discussion. It should demonstrate a high level of understanding and should also provide
adequate integration of authoritative sources as assigned for reading each week.

The key terms are

Intellectual abilities
Personality job fit theory Personality type
Personal values
Personality traits


Leadership Reflection Journal

Organizational values
Job satisfaction
Workplace diversity
Employee attitude
Individual behavior
Job satisfaction
Personality type
Personality — Job fit

Effective leadership remains instrumental in the smooth running of any organization. For
effective leadership to take place, there are several qualities that must be present. Leadership
qualities vary from situation to situation. Each specific circumstance requires certain specific
leadership qualities.
As a leader, there are certain traits I posses that makes me effective. The first is the
ability to integrate with the people. More often, people assume that leadership is about being on
top and having the followers under. That is not the case. Even if a leader must be at the front, he


Leadership Reflection Journal

or she must merge with the people; understand their needs, expectations and goals (Jorgenson,
2010). As a leader, I always ensure that I am in touch with the people.
My leadership style also involves understanding that effective leadership is not always
seeking approval with the people. It is crucial to indulge your followers but as leader, I still
remain the decision maker (Jorgenson, 2010). I understand that some of my decisions my not
auger well with some of my followers. However, if I have had deep thoughts about it and I am
sure that I am doing the right, then I must go ahead and implement.
I also possess good leadership quality of organization. As leader, being organized is very
crucial. Without proper organization, it is clear that even the people being led will be just as
disorganized (Jorgenson, 2010). I always ensure that my work is well planned out so as to have a
clear agenda for the people under me.
As a leader, I have also endeavored to ensure that diversity in all aspects. I realize that
goals of an organization are best achieved when there is an opportunity for diverse aspects. It
helps to bring in new, creative and innovative ideas that will be helpful to the growth of an


Leadership Reflection Journal

Jorgenson, O. (2010). A reflective planning journal for school leaders. New York: Corwin Press

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