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Leadership Dysfuction

For qualitative research
-How did you develop your questions?
-How many questions do you have or anticipate having?
-What characteristics do you have in common with the questions?
-How did you ensure alignment with the research question?
-What challenges did you face in developing your questions?

The writer will carefully reference back to the #114539 and respond to this 5 questions. It is important that

they writer respond to all the questions clearly.

Qualitative Research

In order to obtain a qualitative question; the researcher sought to examine the impact of
the lack of entrepreneurial strategies of some small retail business owners to succeed in their
businesses beyond 5 years. Moreover, the researcher also sought to determine the probable
antecedent factors that may have an influence on the new business owners establish economic
endeavors without strategies or growth tactics, which leads to loss of jobs and business failures
(Leitch, McMullan, & Harrison, 2013).

To achieve a qualitative data, the researcher anticipates 15-20 significant questions that
will provide relevance to the failure of businesses without having strategies or growth tactics.
In Dr. Derese’s study (2016), right identification of the questions will provide answers
that will guide solve the problem. Therefore, in creating questions must be highly adaptable,
sensitive to other people’s experiences and open-minded. These questions are highly in common
with the researcher’s characteristics; aiming for a qualitative and unbiased results.
Following Alemu ‘s research (2016), leaders exhibit influence to the organization through
modeling and demonstrating the behavior. Thus, having no business strategies or growth tactics
in the businesses could lead to having a negative effect on the businesses. Therefore, in order to
gather data towards the impact of businesses having no growth tactics or strategies, the
researcher ensures alignment with the research question through: (a) identification of the
problem, (b) research questions, and (c) hypotheses. According to Dr. Jones (2016), these three
factors serves as foundational elements of researches. Moreover, these foundational elements
may reduce the number of challenges faced in completing a research project.
However, challenges are considerably uncontrollable when completing a research project
by which, it is evident during developing research questions (Schwiesow, 2010). To provide a
clear understanding of the problem, the researcher must have a direct central inquiry of the study.
According to Bordage & Dawson (2003), “an important single component of the study is the
research question, and it is the keystone of the entire exercise.” During this process, the
researcher was intently careful in generating questions that will clearly examine the effects of
having no business strategies or growth tactics to the failure of the businesses. Moreover, the
researcher should avoid biased questions that may result in inaccurate findings.



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and 28 questions. Med Educ, 37(4), 376-385.
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