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Leaders to motivate a multi generational workforce.

Determining methods for leaders to motivate a multi generational workforce”.

Please complete assignment in alignment with my doctoral thesis topic mention above.

Application 2: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project�IRB Requirements and Identifying Interviewees

identify and confirm with two individuals you plan to interview in Week 5. You may choose anyone who
could provide information on your general topic, based upon the general problem you have identified in
the problem statement. Before you select your interviewees, you must ensure you adhere to the ethical



Summary of Topic of Study and Details on Interview

Over the past years, each and every organization had structures that were put in place to
separate generations at a workplace by their ranks and status. Executive managers were older
employees by age while the middle managers were considered of middle age levels. The workers
who were placed on the front line were generally young by age (Stevens, 2010). However, there
has been an enormous change that has seen a revolution in the inclusion of four distinct
generations in the workplace. These generations have different approaches and views in an
Today’s workforce is harbored by individuals from four diverse generations with each
generational group presenting different values and perspectives within a work environment. In
achieving the results and the information required to ascertain and address the research problem,
an interview was validated that would help determine these generational differences and to draw
an understanding that will be helpful for managers and leaders within an organization to
communicate efficiently with these generational cohorts.
In achieving the results of week 3, interviews will be carried out with four individuals
who fall under the personality cohorts and whose experiences can add value on my research
topic that focuses on multi-generational work teams. In undertaking the interview, there will be
an efficient environment that will provide a flexible avenue that will allow the interviewee to

openly ramble and go off on tangents, a factor that will lead to the receipt of detailed information
and data. The interview will contain specific questions that will enable the interviewee to reply
with ease (King, & Marks, 2008). Openness will be important during the interviewing process
since it will give insights into the relevant and important information that is needed. In order to
achieve this, I will involve my interviewees name in as Mrs. X, and Y and for gender disparity
Mrs. W and T. The pre-formed questions in the interview will provide a useful tool that will
guide the process of the interview and that will focus on gathering the appropriate information
for the research topic.
As detailed in the problem statement, there are considerable values including
characteristics, internal and external motivators, and the manner in which communication are
carried out among employees. These diversities are resultant from the varieties in genders,
economic situations, ethnicities, ages, and education levels, all represented in a work
environment (King, & Marks, 2008). These generational personalities share specific birth years
and some standard sets of social and historical events and have the capacity to impact a work
environment and employee satisfaction.
Due to this factor there has been a general business problem that is identifiable in these
generations since many organizations do not have the capacities to distinguish and satisfy the
needs of these generational personalities in order to perform efficiently in a workplace. It is
important to consider the fact that the interview will provide the information necessary to address
the problem statement. Through this, the organizations will be in a position to manage their
functions effectively through understanding the drivers and motivators of the generational
cohorts. The results of this study will also help an organization to maximize the value systems of
its human capital (Martin, & Tulgan, 2006). When a management system has the ability to

understand each and every generation within the cohorts holistically, they remain in a position to
change their leadership approaches with the aim of initiating better methods of communication
that would prosper the organization to a higher level.

Stevens, R. H. (2010). Managing human capital: How to use knowledge management to
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King, W. R., & Marks, P. V., Jr. (2008). Motivating knowledge sharing through a knowledge
management system. Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, 6 (1),
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Martin, C. A., & Tulgan, B. (2006). Managing the generation mix: From urgency to opportunity
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