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knowledge as a doctoral student

This week’s Discussion area is a place for you to reflect on the work you have done to this point and to tie
up any loose ends. Begin by framing your learning process in this course and sharing any new knowledge
you have gained about yourself as a doctoral student and your approach to the doctoral study process.

Critically reflect on your problem statement and the topic you have chosen for your individual doctoral
study. In what ways can you limit the negative impact of your own biases, assumptions, and attitudes on
your study? How will you identify your biases?

Evaluate the ethical considerations on conducting and documenting research as a scholar-practitioner.

I can vehemently say that pursuing this course has been an awesome experience to me.
Despite the ups and downs, the opportunity has expanded my scope of knowledge and skills.
Undertaking a research project is one of the processes that have impacted my learning and
enabled me to acquire in-depth skills and knowledge. I have gained an array of skills and


knowledge as a doctoral student. My research skills have improved to greater magnitude. I now
understand the process of carrying out research. My social and communication skills have also
improved due to this research project. I do believe my approach to doctoral study has been built
on the philosophy of research. Learning entails acquisition of new knowledge and this requires
intensive research to come up with new fresh and concrete ideas to help transform the society.
The topic for my project is ‘Communication in a multi-generational workforce’. The
topic is relevant as it covers on important aspects that affect many organizations. In this age,
different generations work together despite holding to different values and beliefs and even
styles of communication (Brown, 2012). It therefore becomes salient to understand their
communication styles to bolster productivity. The problem statement of the study as well
indicates the gap between communication styles of various generations hence, a need to strike a
balance between generations communication styles to foster productivity. Biasness may surface
in such a study. The impacts of these biasness’s, attitudes and assumptions in a study can be
limited by remaining objective in the study, using random sampling methods and using credible
source of information. Some of the ways to identify biasness is avoiding subjectivity,
scrutinizing the methods of data collection adopted and allowing third part criticism.
In conducting a study, adhering to ethical consideration is prudent throughout the study.
Researcher must ensure confidentiality, uphold to privacy and informed consent. The researcher
should inform the parties involved about the study objectives and purpose as well allow the
participants discretion to participate or to terminate their participation without coercion (Antes,



Antes, A. (2014). A Systematic Approach to Instruction in Research Ethics.
Accountability in Research: Policies & Quality Assurance, 21(1), 50-67.

Brown, S. E. (2012). Attracting, challenging, and leading a multigenerational workforce-A
perspective. Frontiers of Health Services Management, 29(1), 29-33.

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