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Invest in Starbucks

Invest in Starbucks
Please make sure the PowerPoint presentation is coordinating with order# 115504 on whether or not
the investor should invest or shouldn’t invest.
1- PowerPoint presentation with a voice over (preferably female voice since I am a female)
2- Using PowerPoint, create a 5-10 minute presentation based on your research and findings.
For the company analysis � you have 5-10 minutes to convince an investor to either invest or not
invest in the company that you researched.
3-Do not try to give too much information � the investor also has your paper to review.
Remember � less can be more so keep the slides simple, don�t use animations or fancy
backgrounds � you want the investor to focus on the information and to make the decision that you

Why Invest in Starbucks?
Great Investing is always a case of betting
on the jockey
 Starbucks is one of the leading coffee
producers in the world
 Investors have put their money in
Starbucks because the future looks
profitable and sustainable
 In the case of Starbucks, the corporation
has sustainable business operations and the
executive team is capable of delivering

 The management team is one of the key
reasons to invest in Starbucks or to buy
company stocks.
 Starbucks generates a lot
of cash flows
 Starbucks makes more
money than can be
reinvested in its central
 Starbucks values its
investors highly and returns
the cash to investors
 The company keeps
investing the capital into
new businesses

 Investors believe that
Starbucks as a go-go growth
 Starbucks generates a lot
of cash flows
 Starbucks makes more
money than can be
reinvested in its central
 Starbucks values its
investors highly and returns
the cash to investors

Rapid Growth

 The company keeps
investing the capital into
new businesses
 Investors believe that
Starbucks as a go-go growth
Sure Bet in Starbucks
 Starbucks always makes accurate market
segmentation. This has allowed the corporation to
stay with the upper-scale of the coffee markets.
 Starbucks competes on comfort rather than
convenience. However, this is the case with closest
competitors such as Dunkin Donuts and
 The company has a valid execution of business
strategies. Starbucks continuous to focus on the
original product mix or bundle which includes
high-quality coffee; quality services and nice
environment work in.

 Starbucks has expanded to China. Just like
Japanese consumers, Chinese coffee consumers
live to adore coffee. They also live as extended
families in small houses making a strong demand
for Starbucks products.
 Additionally, Starbucks has border liquidation. The
company is expected to benefit from the closing of
Borders stores.
A leading Investment
 Starbucks commands a leading position in every coffee segment.
 The company’s operating fundamentals remain strong and stable in global retail footprint.
 The company has been successful in innovations and offers best-in-class loyalty programs
 Starbucks has digital offerings and has rapid growth in global markets
 The company is the second leading producer of the coffee brand globally and has a favorable
increase in market share value

Global Brand
 Global consumers have shown insatiable
thirsty for coffee, and it is essential to
consider Starbucks as the real bet for your
 The company is planning to open
numerous stores in the emerging markets
 since the management is bullish on the

 Starbucks has invested sufficiently in
capital markets to raise funds for
supporting its coffee farmers to ensure
sustainable future operations
 The SWOT analysis shows that the
partners of the company are the main
drivers of the company.
 This has allowed management to focus on
improving the value of investors and
shareholders of Starbucks.
Premium prices
 The company has announced premium coffee delivery
prices are making it more profitable. This has allowed
the value of EPS to increase drastically.
 The company has prolonged its innovation in every
way from in-store technologies to change for worker
retention programs.
 The rising prices of coffee will not affect the bottom
line and investors should bet against the company
 Investing in Starbucks is not all about its coffee prices
but also involves the experience for those who love
coffee and customer loyalty as well as partnerships
with customers than all other retail cohorts.
 The company has a strategic technical picture
 The market prices for coffees have wide market
fluctuations for high-quality coffee beans.

 It is essential to monitor the strategies adopted by the
company to make accurate investment decisions. This
enhances the decisions on effective hedging strategies.
 The company will ensure future contracts to lock in its
estimated quantity inputs at lower prices to manage
future costs to a greater extent.
 To ensure sustainable operations and improved value
for the investors’ money, Starbucks will focus on
realizing more penetration into emerging markets,
especially markets with untapped opportunities.
 Starbucks intends to develop and retain customer
loyalty by creating a beta concept that will deliver
maximum share value to customers.


 Investing in stock is a profitable business
opportunity. Spending in Starbucks is the
real bet for investors (Mayer, 2018).
 The overall coffee industry is in a
slowdown and Starbucks is no exception.
Investors should thoroughly evaluate the
risks involved in investing in a given
 It is also essential to use stops before
spending regardless of a bright future.
Therefore, it is worthy of investing in

Starbucks stock because it provides the
best bet for increased returns.
 The company analysis shows that
Starbucks is the leading company in the
coffee industry and beats all its
competitors through a sustainable
competitive advantage.
 The company can expand globally and
maximize all emerging markets.

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