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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property

Copyright is used to protect the work of a book author legally. It is used to protect
the original work of authorship in a tangible medium expression. Book authors are protected
against literary piracy, mainly due to modern digital distribution and reproduction. Copyright
gives right ownership of the original work. Thus, it protects personal work as intellectual
property and determines who makes returns out of it (Mayer, Borges & Simske, 2018).
The fact that Arthur Scrivener had published and made copyright for his book
does not mean that he is not protected. This is because copyright covers both unpublished and
published works. The fact that Filch made copies from Arthur’s book means that he should get
proceeds from sales. Even when Fanny digitizes the book, and Techno publishes the book, the
author should seek legal help to protect his work from piracy. The critics should be sued for
making a false criticism about the book. Any use of the book by Plago is illegal, and he should
seek permission from Arthur before using his expression. Also, Baton and Stan make income
from the sale of the book. This is true because copyright protection existed from the moment the
book was created and developed in a tangible form. Law protects the book. This is because
copyright registration is voluntary.

The use of his work in a local movie theatre is illegal. Since he received copyright
of his book before and after publication, Arthur should have made registration to assert his
copyright against infringement (Mayer, Borges & Simske, 2018). Therefore, lack of copyright
registration means that Arthur cannot prove that his work was used to create the movie. This is
because Arthur failed to register his work before publication, to put the world on notice that his
book is his intellectual property. Lack of registration makes it had to prove that another author

had access to and copied his ideas. Registration helps to bring a lawsuit for infringement of work
as well as make author eligible for statutory damages and fees. However, the publisher can be
accountable for failing to register the book. This could allow Arthur to be eligible for statutory
damages or fees from the publisher if they had an agreement about copyright registration.



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