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Integration Analysis of SuHu Company

Integration Analysis of SuHu Company    

The performance of SuHu’s change management process is not effective and its results
are not impressive. The constant conflicts between the acquired companies reflect a situation that
is in need of new strategic change management processes. The management of SuHu has to
identify genuine management changes and evaluate all Social, Cultural factors that are associated
with the interactions of the relevant cultures, languages, beliefs, religions and different races and

their impact on the business that target the integration process.

Communication is an essential component of the integration process. The management of SuHu
has to devise clear and functional policies that address the language difference between the
Finnish and the Swedish communities. It should include employee training, skills, innovation,
training and corporate cultural attitudes relating to individuals and the corporate improvement. In
a related knowledge worker organization, the people are the only repository of innovation and
teamwork as the main resource. It’s important for skilled and innovative personnel to be in a
continuous learning mode. This constitutes an essential foundation for the success of the
company in change management. (Weiss 2012)
The decision making process should also be inclusive. The general problems facing SuHu and its
affiliates companies stem from lack of clear and acceptable decision making process that all the
employees adhere too. The language and cultural differences make it difficult for the two
nationalities to work together.

Integration Analysis of SuHu Company     2
Finally, Change management is a process of managing the transition of individuals, organization
or teams to a state that is desirable in future. Organization change involves a structured approach
that ensures the smooth and successful implementation of the change process. Globalization and
technological advancement has led to large scale expansion and renewed growth to emerging
markets in different parts of the globe. Change in organizations affects all the departments and
employees in all levels in the organization. Companies need to quickly adapt to changes in order
to survive in a competitive environment. SuHu needs to embrace all these changes for it to
implement its future growth and expansion strategies successfully.

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