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Independent marketing.

Abstract Revision

elect one of the research study articles that you found, giving preference to one
that has an abstract that falls short of APA standards. (You will find these standards noted in the APA
Publication Manual sections) Use the following questions as a guide to asses the abstract, and then
rewrite the abstract accordingly:

Did the author include a reference to the research study using a format consistent with the APA
Publication Manual?

� Did the author mention the problem addressed within the study?

� Did the author state the central purpose of the study?

� Is information about the sample, population, or subjects provided?

� Are the key results summarized?

� Is the journal article clearly a report of a research study (instead of an essay, opinion paper, typology,
or synthesis of past research)?

� Is the abstract no longer than a short paragraph (i.e., less than 1 double-spaced page)?

Be sure to submit the text of the original abstract, your brief assessment based on the above questions,
and your revised abstract to your Instructor. Also copy and paste the original copy of the abstract in the
word document at the beginning of your assessment before beginning the assessment and then follow
with the corrected abstract.

Original Abstract

With the explosion of the e-commerce in the past decade, different buying patterns

and preferences have emerged for customer groups and other demographics. These patterns
have been measured and collected by numerous independent marketing, business and even
academic studies to understand how consumers connect with the new adventure of e-
commerce. As the internet and online shopping is growing at a very fast pace worldwide,
investigating this trend within Bangladeshi context is crucial considering that it is a relatively
new trend in the country, the result is a lack of literature. This paper consists of the groundwork
with a brief introduction of recent trends in e-commerce on people of Bangladesh; particularly
its impact on university undergraduate students in Sylhet region. This has been followed by
their general perceptions and preferences of the online shopping including products and website
selection. Each of these e-commerce “characteristic” is compared to information combined
from survey questions and open-ended discussions with a small sample group of university
students at undergraduate level in Sylhet region. It also investigates into positive as well as
negative website characteristics and sum up the favorable elements into a description of an e-
commerce website that would suitable to the group being studied. Findings have been presented
by means of the formation identified during the data analysis, indicated that an increasing
number of the students at undergraduate level are now using the internet for purchase. It also
observed that between male and female students, male students are purchasing products online
more than female students. Although student’s participation is increasing, there are some
limitations for what the potential numbers of students are not able to purchase via online
(Rahaman et al., 2015)

Abstract Revision

The format in which the author included references is not in agreement with the APA
Publication Manual. The Author of the research paper mentioned the problem addressed in the
study. The research is about the present trends in e-commerce as seen in a sample of
undergraduate university students in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. The Author indicated
through contextual analysis the main purpose of the study. The objective of the study being to
show the potential of e-commerce (Harris, 2006).

The author provided some information about population, sample or subjects of the
study. The subjects of the study include undergraduate university students in the region of
Sylhet in Bangladesh. A summary of key results, as witnessed in the abstract of the research
paper, is provided although very briefly (Beins, 2012).I analyzed the article and discovered that
it was not an essay, typology, opinion paper or synthesis of past studies. Rather, it was an
abstract of a research paper, of which I assured to be an original work of research that was
carried out. However, I found the abstract to be longer than one paragraph and single spaced.

Revised Abstract

E-commerce has been adopted successfully in the past decade. It has caused the
emergence of likes and numerous buying cycles for a variety of consumer groups and other
factors of the population. The information being inferred from the study of consumer trends is
used to understand how buyers relate to the advent of e-commerce. This research paper
examines the effect of this new trend in Bangladeshi, but there is a hindrance of published

materials. The paper introduces new and emerging trends in Bangladeshi, the effect it has on
the undergraduate university students in Sylhet region.

Inquiries into the positive and negative characteristics of the websites adding the active
elements to come up with a perfect image of e-commerce that relates to the sample being
researched. Results show that an increasing number of undergraduate students mainly use the
internet for shopping. Also noted, was the fact that more male students were buying goods
online than their female counterparts. However, there exist some demerits of e-commerce,
although the number of pupils participating in online shopping is rising steadily.



Beins, B., & Beins, A. (2012). Effective writing in psychology: Papers, posters, and
presentations. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
Harris, M. J. (2006). Three steps to teaching abstract and critique writing. International Journal
of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 17(2), 136-146.

Rahaman, M. (n.d.). Online Shopping Trends, Pattens and Preferences of University
undergraduate students: A Survey Study on Sylhet region.

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