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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The performance of most organizations is affected by the performance of their
employees. Such organizations that want to be successful have to understand that a working
human resource organization is an essential aspect of that development. It has been observed that
the success of any company is dependent on the behavior and the decisions of its employees.
Other contradicting factors like how big the company is and the mature of its environment may
be hindrances to organizational success. For this reason, human resource management practices
are used to evaluate employee performance in an organization. Improving the human resource

management practices has been proven successful in improving the performance of employees
(Boyne & Entwistle, 2009).
An employee uses their skills, abilities, knowledge and overall experience to complete
assignments by their managers and employers in an efficient and effective way. The benefits of
the performance of employees can be on several key factors. They can assist in estimating and
controlling the cost of the resources that were used to perform specific tasks. They can also be
helpful is assessing the quality and even the amount of work done. HRM practices in employee
performance can be of assistance in the survival and interaction between organizations and
departments. Besides, they can help in the assessment and attainment of performance goals that
also help in the making of good decisions (Andresen and Nowak, 2014).
Some of the proven methods of evaluating the performance of employees can be based on
getting a strategy that identifies employee characteristics that are beneficial to the organization
(Boyne & Entwistle, 2009). Another practice that is of importance is one that assesses their
behaviors that affect how effective they will perform a task. In addition, HRM practices that can
also be employed are those that show whether goals and objectives of a job have been met.
The effects of Human resource management on the performance of employees depend on
how the employees respond to them. They will tend to bend towards the perception of these
employees towards these practices by HRM. The impact of human resource management will
influence how effective the employees are. Human resource practices in the hiring and training
of staff influence the effectiveness by providing the required skills. The adoption of appropriate
selection practices will subsequently add value to the overall organizational productivity.

Training is seen as a tool that is useful for improving the performance of employees in any
organization (Ingley, 2015).
The planning for career seems an efficient practice by HRM to affect the influence the
performance of employees. When employees are allowed in increasingly participating in the
firm, there will be an observable increase in the levels of production (Price, 2011).
Practices that are geared towards the compensation of employees for their efforts in a firm have
proven to have motivational and attraction factor to employees. Regarding the expectancy
theory, it can be argued that the performance of an employee or a group of them will directly be
influenced by the pay (Andresen and Nowak, 2014). Employees, therefore, will work hard to
increase their efforts in a bid to get a better pay. Increased employee performance by
compensation will lead to the overall rise in the performance of the firm. This practice’s effects
can be increased by channeling more resources towards employees’ compensation based on how
well they perform. This practice is the most widely used practice in HRM as it gauges and
rewards staff for their performance (Price, 2011).
The implementation of the best human resource management practices equates a higher
performance by the employees. This good performance is transferred to the overall success of a
company. Proving these theories in HRM practices and their effects on the performance of
employees should thus be a priority of many human resource based studies. Results will
encourage many organizations to adapt quickly many of these practices to increase their overall
productivity. By the development of a highly effective workforce, the organizations will have
achieved double success by improving the overall welfare of their workers and the organizations
productivity success (Boyne & Entwistle, 2009).



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