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HR leaders

The HR leader�s response to organisational and social trends

In this essay, write about synthesizing ways in which HR leaders can use policy to respond

effectively to such trends.

You may find that classmates in other industries or other parts of the world may have very
different views of some trends and their implications. Consider whether what might appear at
first to be a serious problem for HR leaders could, with the right policy development, be

leveraged into an opportunity for the organisation and its staff.

The HR leader’s response to organizational and social trends
Human Resource is responsible for, hiring, attracting, choosing, preparing,
assessing and compensating workers while ensuring conformity with employment
policies and labor laws. They are also in charge of workforce diversity, business
continuity, and progression preparation.
Ways in which HR leaders can use policy to be responsive to organizational and
social trends.
Most HR policies related to technology, data security and use of social media
are outdated as technology is ever advancing at very high speed. Most workers around


the world are connected through the internet, therefore; the policies should be flexible,
practical, enforceable, and friendly and enhance work-life balance meaning the
policies should be flexible (Ulrich 2013). Moreover, the HR managers should
encourage openness while providing firm guidelines regarding the use of those
technologies in a bid to protect both the organization and the individual. Therefore,
HR managers should be ahead of the game to stay competitive.
The HR managers should, therefore, employ the current technology to control
their workforce or employ online agencies or recruiting organizations to control their
workforce (Bamberger, Biron & Meshhoulam 2014). The aging workforce, globalized
workforce, removal of compulsory retirement age, for instance, requires new policies
to govern new legislations. The HR policies should seek to maximize the
opportunities offered by the new trends while minimizing the risks that come with the
new technology.
There are also political and economic trends that are affecting HR. politically, the
increase in demand for precision in government and organization and power
dispensation should be addressed. Economically, there is an increased economic
growth, increasing the gap between the rich and the poor, growth and increase in state
capitalism. All these emerging trends should be countered by appropriate HR policies
in the organization (Sanchez-Apellaniz, & Triguero-Sánchez 2016).
Synthesizing general lessons about the importance of organizational context in
formulating HR policy
Contemporary policies should be developed to govern issues of workers
mobility, flexibility in work arrangements, life balance, and skill gaps, including a


shift in demographics and diversity. Policies should also be developed that govern line
management, pressures at work and women work life balance (Bratton & Gold 2012).
Overall, the policies should ensure consistently and adhere to organizations values
and should not be over controlling but rather it should balance organization’s
requirements and private life.
Discussing ways your experiences are similar or different with regard to the
impact of organizational and social trends on HR policy
Organizations become universal in their operations and markets. There will be
an increase in political and societal pressures and accountability. Use of technology
will increase at a higher rate; work will be more composite and mutually dependent,
people will be more mobile and global in nature leading to an increase in workforce
migration (Ulrich 2013). There is also the likelihood of an increase in a mismatch
between skills needed and talent available, there will be cultural diversity and more
work will be done in a more diverse way.
Consider whether what might appear at first to be a serious problem for HR
leaders could, with the right policy development, be leveraged into an opportunity for
the organization and its staff.
The aging population will present an opportunity for HR to hire new talents,
control different expectations, retooling skilfulness, progression preparation and
phased leaving (Bamberger Biron & Meshhoulam 2014). Globalization will help
employees to be diverse, integrative, produce high performance and become customer
focused. They will also increase perfect communication networks. It will also assist


HR managers to design and develop flexible work arrangements, leverage technology,
and develop value-added work systems


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