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Food processing and packaging

Describe what policies that a new packaging product such as the TEDSBOX may need to be aware of
if the manufacturer wants to sell his product, the TEDSBOX, to move unsalable food products from
grocery store warehouses to third party vendors.

You will need to read all about TEDSBOX and the polices that could affect packaging and unsalable
food products

Shipping companies in food processing and packaging must keep abreast with the new
policies that play a primary role in ensuring safety in the world. TEDSBOX is one of the
renowned shipping companies that satisfy the need for proper containers to ship perishable
products. The company provides safe transportation of products by use of active cool-chain
systems and provision of a door to door solutions from producer to consumer. The company
has cut the costs of re-packaging and re-handling, loss of quality as well as loss of time and
contamination (Fuller, 2016).
Therefore, packaging protects products between processing and usage by consumers.
Thus, new packaging must adhere to policies that ensure safety and environmental protection.
Packaging guarantees it is done in an environmentally responsible method. The technology
for packaging provides equal product protection with other concerns such as the cost of

material and energy, sensitive environmental and social consciousness and the strict rules on
pollutants and solid waste disposal.
The successful packaging must ensure materials design and package superlative satisfy
the competing wants concerning product features such as distribution and customer needs,
ecological and management of waste issues as well as costs/price and quality. The policies
will also range from packaged product, likely package contacts, envisioned product market,
desired shelf life for the product, and conditions of the environment during storage and
distribution, final package disposal, product end-use, and costs associated with the package
from production to the process of distribution (Fuller, 2016).
New packaging products must adhere to these policies and ensure best practices to
enhance the packaging process. Besides, the new packaging product must increase
collaboration with third parties, develop tailored solutions and design for packaging to
provide secure protection. Also, it enhances the shelf life for fresh produce, moves packaging
portioning to cater changing patterns of consumption as well as standardizing the packaging
process with marks that educate manufacturers, retailers, and consumers about the packaged
Retailers should work in collaboration with other entities in their supply chain to reduce
the amounts that do not end up in the market. Besides, all shippers must ensure point-to-point
containers with increased security and credible tracking environmental deviation systems.



Fuller, G. W. (2016). New food product development: from concept to marketplace. CRC

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