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Federal health program

federal health program

Research a federal program or organization with a public health program. Evaluate the objectives
listed for the program and discuss the degree of effectiveness of the objectives. Discuss how
these objectives compare to the proposed objectives for your program and planning project.

PUB 620

“Health People 2020” is a federal health program that has several public health
implications. The program was launched in 2010, and aims at improving the health of the USA
citizens over 10 years (US Department of Health and Human Services [DHHS], 2015). The
program is anchored on collaboration, supporting health decisions and measuring impact of
preventative public health programs.
One of the objectives of the programs is to achieve a high-quality life, which is devoid of
premature deaths, injuries and preventable diseases. The objective is based on evidence of
baseline data of the relevant elements and achievable objectives (DHHS, 2015). The objective is
effective through the implementation of disease and injury preventative measures. Based on the
concept of Primary Health Care, prevention of common diseases is effective. The objective is
achievable through the utilization of the locally available resources, collaboration between the
community, government, religions, and other stakeholders. Effective preventive measures focus
on the common health concerns over a given population. The program focuses on the USA

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citizens and therefore narrows down to particular health concerns affecting the American citizens
with specific health needs (DHHS, 2015).
Another objective of “Healthy People 2020” is the creation of both physical and social
environments that promote good health. The objective is effective since health is largely
determined by social and physical factors in a given population. Improvement of these particular
factors is thus critical. Another objective of the federal program is to promote healthy
development across all the stages of development (DHHS, 2015). Population health needs vary
with age. Therefore, to attain high-quality health for all, it is important to focus on each stage of
The “Heath People 2020” is related to my programs’ objectives. My main program
objective is to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health programs.
The Healthy People 2020 objectives are specific and measurable (DHHS, 2015). Therefore they
can be evaluated quantitatively. The objectives outline specific activities to undertake and thus
can be implemented.

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US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health
Promotion (2015). Healthy people 2020.

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