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Evaluation of the implications for project management

Respond with your own thoughts to this article in an edited, 3-paragraph, formal academic peer review.

At a minimum, be sure to include the following elements:

� Assess the conceptualization, analysis, and synthesis of key research concepts presented.
� Evaluate the extent to which the writer has addressed the elements from the Learning Objectives

from this two-week pair.

� Does the presentation provide a cohesive summary of the assigned concepts with an effective

evaluation of their implications for project management?

� Did the writer provide a meaningful academic argument or interpretation that demonstrated fluency

with the material?

� Incorporate relevant scholarly resources in your posting.

Response to the article: The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Managing Projects
In this article, the writer provides an exhaustive evaluation of how the corporate
culture of an organization impacts social change, project management, business as well as
diversity management within the organization. The author has also given quite a few
suggestions for changing a company’s corporate culture. On the whole, the presentation of
the writer provides a cohesive summary of the assigned concepts with an effective evaluation
of their implications for project management. For instance, the writer has rightly pointed out
that the ability of a business organization to perform well depends on its culture. This is
accurate as researchers have stated that successful organizations tend to have a culture that
places high priority to learning and encourages inclusive decision-making (Carleton,
Cockayne & Sawatan, 2015).
The writer of this article has provided a meaningful academic argument/interpretation
which demonstrates fluency with the material. For instance, he clearly asserted that project
managers who lead multi-cultural project teams need to apply flexible leadership styles and
promote creativity as well as cultural sensitivity. This is important considering that having
project team members who are from diverse cultures, for instance from Western and non-
Western cultures, could actually bring challenges in training, motivating and even managing
the team members. As such, it is important for the project manager to acknowledge the
values, beliefs and norms of members from diverse cultures as this will ensure effective
management of the project and successful project completion (Bouten-Pinto, 2016).
The writer has also discussed why cultural diversity in an organization should be
managed effectively. For instance, the writer has stated that when cultural diversity is
managed well, an organization can be able to enjoy a number of benefits such as improved
monetary gains, improved competitive advantage in the marketplace, and employee

satisfaction and commitment will improve. To add on this, Martinez et al. (2015) noted that
proper cultural diversity management would result in a strong relationship with multicultural
communities, and the company will be able to hire and retain top, competent people.



Bouten-Pinto, C. (2016). “Reflexivity in managing diversity: a pre-academic perspective”,
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 35, 136 – 153

Carleton, T., Cockayne, W., & Sawatan, Y. (2015). Changing the culture of R&D. Research
Technology Management, 58(3), 9-10

Martinez, E. A., Beaulieu, N., Gibbons, R., Pronovost, P., & Wang, T. (2015). Organizational
Culture and Performance. American Economic Review, 105(5), 331-335.

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