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Evaluation and performance appraisal

This week�s themes are interesting ones.

I am particularly fascinated by the idea in Aguinis (2013) that evaluation of a supervising manager himself
has included in it his ability to create and implement good employees� developmental plans.

Another interesting point from Aguinis (2013) is also that appraisal results should be utilized for
developmental purposes and not just for evaluation in order to create employee satisfaction with
performance management system. The point is, developmental plans should derive from the last
appraisal results and observations and these should highlight strengths and weaknesses of the
employees. The company structures as well as the performance management system being operated
must support this.

The example of General Mills is cited by Aguinis (2013) to illustrate. General Mills is an international foods
company with a world-class collection of strong brands. The company undertakes annually the promotion
of and placing of emphasis on individual development plans kept separate from performance appraisal.
The focus of the plan goes beyond competencies already possessed and weaknesses needing
improvement. More importantly, it focuses on long-term aspects of employees� developmental yearnings
involving their career aspirations. The company achieves this through emphasis on further learning and
skill acquisition made possible through organized lectures by outside consultants and use of web-based
tools. This is people-focused approach (Nathanson, 2009).

Finally, I think from the example of General Mills cited above, individual development planning and

implementation is seen as a subsystem of the entire performance management system and is handled
separately but carefully integrated in to the whole to achieve successful implementation of its
performance management system.

PM.COLL.W6.Reply 2

It is indeed true that the performance of an organization depends on many aspects. One of
the most important factors that contribute to better performance is employees. This therefore,
means that the employees must possess the right skills and knowledge to execute their duties to
achieve the objectives and goals of the organization.

Evaluation and performance appraisal is one of the most important activities that
organizations must carry out. All staffs stating from the managers and subordinates require to be
taken through performance appraisals. Aguinis (2013) evaluation of supervising managers is
important and it should capture their ability to create and implement good employee
developmental plans. Furthermore, he states that the results from appraisal should not be solely
used for evaluations, but also for developmental purposes to create employees satisfaction. The
appraisal results should as well capture the strengths and weaknesses of employees.
Organisations such as General Mills is a good example of entities that place more
emphasis on individual development plans as it places more focus on long term aspects such as
career aspirations of employees. Acquisition of skills and further learning takes place through
organized lecturers by external consultants and through web-based tools. Nathanson (2009) says
that such an approach is therefore, people focused. The example as well shows that both
individual development planning and implementation is viewed as subsystem of performance
management system, even though handled separately but essential in implementation of its
performance management system.
I also do concur with Aguinus (2012), that separation of appraisal from development and
skills gap assessment is essential in implementation of Performance management system.
Negative feedback should not be watered down as it is the basis companies use to determine
rewards, and promotions because it is a learning opportunity. Companies such as Google
consider training and developmental needs monthly and provide a platform for employees to
share their challenges and this improves their performance and get avenues to overcome the
same (Bock, 2015).



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