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Ethics fundamental in any organization

Discuss some implications that ethics may have for organisations beyond just the �business� side. How
does a �sense of responsibility to others� affect the decisions that are made by an organisation as a
whole as well as the individual leaders within?

1) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2) The answer must include examples from aviation experience or the web with references from relevant
examples from real aviation companies. I prefere example from Qatar Airways, Etihad airline, Emireates
airline, Al Arabia Airline.

3) Please don�t use Wikipedia web site.

4) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.


Implications that ethics may have for an organization beyond just the “business” side
Ethics are very fundamental tool in any organization. They are the ideologies and standards used
by a person to direct his or her activities and choices. A code of ethics for an organization is,
therefore, a set of standards and philosophies that govern the organization’s strategies, agendas
and verdicts. Ethics in an organization have very major implications to the organization, because
it exhibits the standards of an association to its workforce and other stakeholders. It, therefore,
affects the organization’s response to both internal and external affairs (Charles, 2006, p16).
The implications that ethics may have for an organization can be viewed from two perspectives,
that is, the employee ethics and the leadership ethics. Virtuous manners among employees, in
any organization, safeguards the workers’ decency and reliability in their accomplishment of the
organizational duties. Any organization that its employees observe the organization codes of
ethic is often characterized by a team of workers who are driven to meeting the goals of the
organization (Charles, 2006, p28). In addition, such employees also work towards achieving
quality and standard required by the organization, and in turn enhancement of the organization
reputation for the quality services.
On the other hand, leadership ethics also have fundamental implications for an organization. The
determination and devotion of workforces in an organization is dependent on the management of

that organization. The ethics that a leader of an organization chooses to administrate with the
organization, therefore, has implications on how the workers will perform for that organization.
This choice further affects the input of the workers and consequently the ultimate productivity of
the organization (Matthews, 2014, p102). The leadership ethics can be looked at in terms of
discipline procedures in an organization, fairness with regards to awarding promotions to
employees, as well as critical organization’s decisions made by the management. High level of
leadership ethics also inspire the employees to attain such levels.
For instance, the Etihad Airlines is one of the successful airline organization with its success
deeply rooted on its code of ethics. The Etihad Airlines has a set code of ethics that specify the
standards that it targets as an organization. The organization expectations are that all its workers
and staffs comply with the codes (James, 2012, p11). These codes of ethics have been
instrumental in propelling this organization into the international lime light. The call for
compliance with the codes among its workers has ensured that their services are of international
standards as well enhancing its reputation. The Etihad Airlines has world class customer service
providers who work with great devotion and loyalty to meet the objectives of the organization
which is found on the basis of absolute customer satisfaction and experience(James, 2012, p17).
The organization also has a group of efficient managers who uphold high level of ethics. The
organization has a well-structured discipline procedure guidelines that aid in effecting discipline
measures. The organization code also observes an annual awards day to its employees who have
made exemplary contribution over a year. This values and ideologies are the benchmark upon
which the success of this organization lies. Currently, the Etihad Airline provides its services to
virtually all the continents of the world (James, 2012, p22).

Ethics within an organization can also be viewed in terms of individual actions or decision.
These decisions could be from either an individual worker or a manager of the organization. As
far as ethics for an organization demands for responsibility, several individual responsibilities is
what constitute the entire organization responsibility and, consequently, the basis of an
organization ethics (Kelchner, 2014, p98). An individual sense of responsibility in organization
may affect the response of the other fellow workers. Every worker in an organization has specific
roles they play and which are correlated to come up with the final products of the organization.
For example, when a manger makes a decision that affects the moral of a certain worker in a
given department of an organization, their response may affect the general output of that
department and in turn other departments that relate with the affected and, ultimately, the
organization in its entirety (Dricscoll et al. 2002, p32) For example, if the discipline procedure is
not fairly administered to an individual in the advertising department, advertisement of new
services by the organization may not effectively reach the intended consumers. As a result the
other service providers of an organization will also fail to get the targeted customers for the
services offered.


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