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Employment and development training

Employment and development training

You have most likely been part of a formal or informal new employee orientation program. Some of these
experiences may have been positive and effective, while others may have been less than effective.

  1. Briefly describe a new employee orientation you have experienced.
  2. Provide two specific reasons why you feel the program was effective or ineffective.
    3.What changes (if any) would you recommend to improve the program and your experience?

Employment and development training

Part 1
Diversity refers to the differences that occur in human beings that are found in a
particular institution, firm, organization or society. The difference comes in many forms that
include race, religion, ethnic background, language among other things (Adra et al., 2011).

These aspects that differentiate one individual from another are very common in the whole
world. Therefore, the global approaches of managing these aspects that differentiate one
individual from the other assist us in working towards a common goal (Adra et al., 2011). The
common goal focuses on a particular setting as in an organization, where the goal may be to
achieve the strategic business objectives of the organization.
However, this paper will focus on the various activities aimed at managing these cross-
cultural differences among employees of the same organization. The efficient management of
diversity has a lasting positive effect on the productivity of every employee as well as that of
the whole organization. I happened to get a chance to attend a seminar on the understanding
and dealing with diversity in an organization. The seminar ran for one week. During the one
week, many activities ensued. The theme of the seminar was,” using diversity to attain a
successfully diversified working environment”. According to me, all the activities that I took
part in aimed at working towards realizing the objectives of the theme.
The program can be classified to be a training or development program. Almost all the
activities’ goal was to develop and train employees’ organizational behavior that would tolerate
and embrace the diversified nature of organizations. The training helped in illustrating that
discrimination would only work towards hindering the progress of the company. Therefore, the
earlier individuals embrace diversity and use it for a better purpose, the better it will be for
everybody in the organization.
The program was a complete success. The reason being that employee interaction
increased by a significant amount. I personally witnessed that. Therefore, the communication
process in the organization became more efficient.

Part 2
However, some orientation programs aimed at successfully integrating an employee
into an organization are quite useful. One such program I encountered during the seminar is the
get to know each other program. The program entailed different activities that gave a new
employee a clear picture of the structure of leadership in the organization. Moreover, it
provided the employee with a distinct perspective on what channels of communication one
should use for each situation encountered. Furthermore, it gave me an opportunity to get to
know other employees, supervisors, HR and managers in the organization. Also, to get to know
who to talk to in every situation that I deem sees fit to ask for guidance.
The program has its effective side. The effectiveness comes from the point of employee
interaction. Once proper interactions are made, it is easier for me, the employee to approach
that person privately to discuss different matters that affect the organization. I may even go for
clarification or confirmation of an unclear aspect of the organization without a fuss.
Alternately, every good thing has its bad side. The bad side of the program is what I considered
the first impression made by the very introductions that make the program effective. It is quite
common for employees to dislike each other for no particular reason, it is considered human
However, if the dislike is not overcome or dealt with accordingly, the relationship
between these two individual is headed for a plummet. Therefore, the first impression made by
one employee to another can either work for or work against the common goals of the whole

Alternately, there are some things I know that can be done to alter the negative effect of
the program on the employees. One of the most important things to reminding employees from
time to time is professionalism. When the employees get to see the situation from a
professional perspective. Then interpersonal conflicts will not get in the way of professionalism
and working together for the benefit of the organization and themselves.
In summary, it is prudent to develop and train the minds of employees to be able to
embrace positively the diversity that occurs in a different situation for the benefit of the
common good. The activities carried out to ensure that the above statement is accomplished
should be conducted in a professional manner. The better the interpersonal skills held by
employees, the better the interaction between employees that is significant to the cause of the



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