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Employer of Choice.


Write a 5-7 page paper (APA format) in which they develop a concept of what it means to be an
Employer of Choice.
The paper will include advocacy for three actions or programs that a given organization could take toward
becoming an Employer of Choice.
The paper will support the argument of why becoming an Employer of Choice is important for the
THIS IS A POSITION PAPER. Participants should gather information from credible sources such as
books, journals or websites that satisfy credibility standards as outlined in the APA link in ELearn. Such
sources should include the supplemental readings.


Employer of choice
In every economic system, there exist people or legal entities (businesses) who control
and direct other people (employees) under a contract of employment, either express or implied,
and the led people get to be compensated for the work they do(Leary-Joyce, n.d.). At one
particular time, all employers require employees, and it is important that they adopt proper
strategies and habits that would make it possible for them to attract sufficient and superior
employees, such as employers of choice (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016). An employer of choice
is a kind of person or company who offers their employees a work environment and culture that
is comfortable and which appreciates them (Leary-Joyce, n.d.).
Being an employer of choice means not just being a company who gives jobs but one
who favours the well-being of the employees as well as the customers (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela,
2016). Providing a healthy work environment within the business by the firm would attract the
best people to work for them, and they would also be able to retain them in their businesses,
something that is also beneficial to the firm as it puts it in a better position compared to their
competitors in the market it serves(Rampl, 2014).

Thesis statement

To be an employer of choice is to make people eager to work for you, to make your
employees happy working for you and having the ability to create a brand that appreciates every
single employee and other shareholders of the company.
The following paper looks into the definition and the concepts that define “employer of
choice.” It explains the strategic actions and programs that if implemented in a company would
help it in the process of becoming an employer of choice. The paper also explains the importance
of being an employer of choice to the company in general.




Not every employer is an employer of choice, and different people have different criteria
to define employers of choice (Rampl, 2014). For example, a person may be of the idea that
Coca-Cola is an employer of choice because they feel the company provide their employees with
the best kind of employee services while on the other hand, another person may not agree with
the idea, believing that the firm does not engage their employees sufficiently. In general, even
though employers of choice have a lot in common, different people, based on their understanding
and wants as employees may have different ideas and definition of an employer of choice
(Rampl, 2014).
In today’s business environment, almost every company is guaranteed to face
competition, and so it is important that a company creates its stability to give it a competitive
edge among its competitors (Rampl, 2014). Presently, because of the tight labour market,
employees have the power to choose the best employer to work for hence based on individual
ideas, pick the best among the available (Baker, 2014). Therefore companies have been
challenged to take actions and employ strategies to attract, optimize and retain people with the
skills and talents needed in the enterprise (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016). However, one concept
that defines an employer of choice is their ability to make employees happy and fulfilled. To be
such kind of an employer, a person or an organization needs to employ certain actions and
programs that guarantee them becoming Employers of Choice, i.e.
Providing the right working environment and making employees feel involved
It is the right of every employee to be provided with the right working environment that
would not stress them either physically or mentally (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016). Every
employee would like to work in an atmosphere which cares for them and has flexible benefits


both in payments and other services (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016). When a business provides its
employees with such benefits, which they may not find in other companies, then it is easy for
them to attract many people as an employer of choice compared to the other competing
companies (Leary-Joyce, n.d.).
The worker’s abilities, talents, and efforts need to be recognized in business, and it is not
possible for the company to realize such efforts if they don’t engage and involve well with their
workers (Leary-Joyce, n.d.). Enterprises that work in close collaboration with their employees
make their employees feel wanted, appreciated and a part of something big (company). The
feeling of being wanted and valued in a company is what makes one choose the business over
another which may not be offering the same opportunity (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016).
Providing fair compensation, training, and development to employees
According to Baker (2014), it is important that workers get the value of their services in a
company without unfairness or discrimination. People always want to be paid/compensated for
the contribution they make to the enterprise and so they would want to associate themselves with
a company that understands that concept (Leary-Joyce, n.d.). Therefore it is important that a
company come up with reward programs and strategies that are all-inclusive and are objective in
assessing employee performance and paying them as per it (Baker, 2014). For an employer to
become employers of choice, they need to regularly benchmark the salary and rewards they offer
their employees, against the market averages to make sure that they are paying a value that is
close to the market value (Leary-Joyce, n.d.). When a company gives fair rewards and
compensation to its employees, employees would feel they get an actual value of their
contributions to the enterprise and in turn recognize the company as an employer of choice


compared to other businesses who may not be offering fair compensation packages (Badr ElDin
Aboul-Ela, 2016).
Change and development is one aspect of a person’s life, especially those in business that
is bound to happen. In the present times, competition between workers and firms intensify every
day (Kaye, n.d.). Therefore employees want to involve themselves with a company that identifies
and believes in their skills, talents, and strengths and are willing to develop them so that they can
excel in their personal and professional lives (Baker, 2014). For an employer to be an employer
of choice, they need to show concern and commitment to growing and developing their
employees through training and other related development programs (Kaye, n.d.). Providing
people with the training and development programs, helps them grow, and they get to appreciate
the company more wanting to be associated with it (Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016).
Why becoming an Employer of Choice is important for the organization.
Being an employer of choice not only benefits the shareholders of the company but the
companies itself as it comes with some advantages to the organization, i.e.
Finding better employees
The employee culture employed by an employer determines the number of applicants
they attract to their business (Leary-Joyce, n.d.). Employers of choice draw a high number of
applicants, giving the organization the opportunity to choose from a large number of applicants,
hence having the opportunity to attract the most competent and prospective employees(Baker,
2014). Getting the best quality of candidates and retaining them allows the company to create a
brand associated with high-quality employees, hence attracting only applicants competitive and
competent enough to match the business enabling them to maintain their status and filter out
mediocre applicants (Baker, 2014). The association of an employee with the reputable company


makes them feels a part of something important, which gives them the platform to represent the
brand of the enterprise.
Helps the company in marketing and recruitment processes
Selecting the best employees from the applicants interested in the industry, and providing
them with a healthy working environment, in the long run, makes marketing and recruitment
processes easy for the business (Leary-Joyce, n.d.). An employer of choice becomes widely
known as a good place to work in, hence attracting many people to engage with them (Baker,
2014). Having a good image to the people outside and inside the business, makes it easy and less
expensive for the company to market itself as they already have a positive image in the market
(Amarakoon et al., 2016). The real business brand enables it to get a high number of people who
they can choose the best from, and they wouldn’t need to put extra efforts in the recruitment
process (Leary-Joyce, n.d.).
Reduced Turnover rates
Turnover rate is the percentage rate at which employees of a particular business leave the
company during a specified period, for example, a year. High turnover rates are not good for a
company especially to their reputation as people would think they don’t treat the customers as
they should (Branham, 2012). It is important that a company measures and stabilized its turnover
rates. Happier employees make loyal employees in the business, and so the turnover rates get
reduced (Amarakoon et al., 2016). Happy and loyal employees have a positive impact on the
firm as they find it easy to create positive relationships between themselves and the company,
creating a culture of dedication and morale in the enterprise. Employees get comfortable working
for the company and with each other, reducing the turnover rates and bringing quality
performance in the business (Branham, 2012). The comfort that employees get creates trust and


support among employees getting them to understand the system well hence working efficiently
(Branham, 2012).
Performance optimization
With the right quality of employees, the increase in productivity of the company is almost
a guarantee. Providing the employees with the right kind of environment, one which makes them
feel they are part of the company allows them to put all their efforts towards benefiting the
company, increasing its productivity with a great level of consistency and stability (Amarakoon
et al., 2016). The employees will have the mindset and the confidence to work quickly,
thoroughly, and efficiently, saving more time that can be directed into developing the company
more(Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela, 2016). According to Leary-Joyce (n.d), the positive performance
also gives a company the confidence to improve as they understand they have the right people to
back up the development.


Finally, it is clear that being an employer of choice is relevant to business, its employees
and the people it serves. The paper above defines employer of choice and the steps an employer
need to take to be an employer of choice, for example engaging their workers in the company’s
activities. The paper also looks at the importance of being an employer of choice to the business,
for example giving it a good brand name and position in the market compared to their
competitors. From the paper, it is understood that an employer of choice is one with the ability to
attract, select and retain competent workers who will, in turn, work having the company’s interest
at heart. In general, it is important that all organizations strive to be employers of choice,
offering the best they can to make people refer them as good employers compared to their


competitors. Companies need to create a culture that puts the needs of the people it involves
itself with first as such a culture will with no doubt benefit the company too.



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