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Effects of human resource management


Provide three additional references related to your Doctoral Study topic in annotated bibliography format
and synthesize these three references into a component of the doctoral study rubric (ex. Nature of study,
literature review, etc.) Please it is important that the writer use sources not older than 5 years , and

please it is also important to include the DOI where necessary.

Tabiu, A., & Nura, A. A. (2013). Assessing the effects of human resource management
(hrm) practices on employee job performance: a study of Usmanu Danfodiyo University
Sokoto. Journal Of Business Studies Quarterly, 5(2), 247.
In this article, Tabiu & Nura (2013) investigates the effects of Human resource
management practices on the performance of employees. Even though the authors tested the
proposition that effective human resource management practices have positive effects on job
performance of employees, this is not always the case. At time moves and things changes, it
becomes prudent for organizations to adapt to suitable and relevant HRM practices to have the
desire effects. Employees’ level of performance is geared to improve if they are working under
better terms. Therefore, study is important a in providing a limelight on the need to always
embrace changes to achieve the desired results.

Mellam, A. C., Rao, P. S., & Mellam, B. T. (2015). The Effects of Traditional and Modern
Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Performance in Business
Organizations in Papua New Guinea.
According to the study done in organizations in guinea, modern day HRM practices are
supposed to have a positive impact on the performance of the employees. Data was collected
using questionnaires and analyzed through the tools of regression analysis as well as correlation.
The findings were that the traditional HRM practices resulted in low employee performance
while the modern practices have considerably enhanced the employee commitment.

Allen, M. R., Ericksen, J., & Collins, C. J. (2013). Human Resource Management,
Employee Exchange Relationships, and Performance in Small Businesses. Human Resource
Management, 52(2), 153. doi:10.1002/hrm.21523
In the study, the focus of the authors is on examining effects commitment-based human
resource management practices have on the performance of small business. In the study, the
authors further argue that effects of HRM practices on performance are achieved through support
ad establishment of exchange relationships with the employees. The study findings indicate that
HRM practices based on the view of leaders of employee commitment is closely relates to the
growth and perception of performance. In addition, it is established that quit rates and employee
involvement is helpful in advancing these relationships at the workplace.

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