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Effect of Change in Society and Curriculum

Describe, from your point of view, the effect changes in society have had on the curriculum in your
school district over the past 10 years. ( My school district is Broward County.Its in Fort Lauderdale
Please create a powerpoint presentation with 7-10 slides Microsoft� PowerPoint�

Effect of Change in Society and Curriculum 
Changes in society have caused curriculum change in
my school district which is Brown County in Fort
Lauderdale Florida over the past decade. The
technological space, socio-economic demographics and
belief systems are constantly changing people’s way of
life which as a result, it asserts the need to align the
school curriculum with the change in society. The
United States of America is a destination point for most
cultures which are practiced around the world. After the
enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
(NCLB) school districts were given the opportunity to
set educational standards to address the needs of the
students in the region. Broward County is a major inter
racial and cultural county hence the need for
educational inclusion. Multicultural education was
included in the curriculum to address the student
differences in the diverse cultural background of the
community in Florida.
According to White and Pitts (2008),drug abuse in school going teenagers is high due to appetite
arousing from activities in the society. The school districts in Broward County have enacted prudent
control measures in their reform agenda to address drug abuse in their schools which include anti
drug use campaigns. Early teenage pregnancies in girls and teenage fatherhood are on the increase
due to cultural and religious beliefs. To address this situation, the school in the district included
guidance and counseling as well as contraceptive use and abstinence in their curriculum in order to
address the vice from lowering their education standards.


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(2001). The George W. Bush Years: NCLB
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on Federal Education Policy
White, D. and Pitts, M. (2008). Educating
young people about drugs: a systematic
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