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Disease Surveillance Digital Dashboard

Disease Surveillance Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboard
Without the usability features inherent in effective design, informatics systems may overwhelm a user with data. This portion of your Scholar-Practitioner Project requires that you put to use the informatics display techniques that are covered in this week�s Learning Resources.

This week you create a mock-up screen of a “digital dashboard” for your disease surveillance system. Include a framework for the display of data based on the algorithm you designed , using appropriate graphics, symbols, and words. You may use PowerPoint, Word, Prezi, or a program of your choosing to create the screen. Additionally, you may choose to annotate the mock-up as appropriate.

Please save the mock-up in one of the following formats:

PowerPoint file: Use “.ppt” extension
Word file: Use “.doc” extension
Prezi file: Use “.pez” extension
PDF file: Use “.pdf” extension
Image file: Use “.jpg” or “.gif” extension
Rich text file: Use “.rtf” extension

Disease Surveillance Digital Dashboard

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