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Data Communication

Writing Style: Harvard

Type of document: Research Paper

Academic Level:Undergraduate

Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced)

Category:   Computer Science

Language Style: English (U.K)

Order Instructions:

Write a report that evaluate different network technologies.

Brief Introduction:

The internet of things( IOT) is a term that encompasses many techniques between devices using methods such as NFC, Bluetooth, 802.11, 802.15 amongst others. This has allowed the practical development of smart homes where a user can operate household appliances either via a smartphone, tablet, or a voice operated device such as the amazon Echo or the Google Home.

Report requirements:

You are required to investigate IOT Technology specifically investigating the protocols used to communicate between devices and provide services to the user. Write a formal report on your finding incorporating the following aspects:

• An outline of the typical application of the internet of things incorporating a diagram (created by yourself) that shows how your typical application is arranged.• A description of the data communication protocols used by these systems and how they deal with data transfer and provide the services to the end user.• A description of the technical challenges in creating smart home device.• A critical comparison of the communication technologies used by these systems.

Notes:1. The only acceptable resources that you can copy directly in the report, with references are illustrations (excluding your diagram of a typical application). When illustrations are used you must explain carefully and thoroughly what they are showing.

2. Work must be accurate, thorough; well-argued; clear; and written in correct (UK) English grammar and spelling. You may include figures and tables with short captions (25 words each) and a list of references without affecting the overall word count.

3. You must reference all of your sources of information. These should be cited in the appropriate part of the report and fully identified to meet the Harvard referencing standard in a list at the end. Web-sits articles must be properly referenced to be considered as legitimate references.

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