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Customer delight

  1. Identify three types of training you would implement to help Amazon meet this strategic goal. Use
    examples or supporting evidence.
  2. Identify at least two specific topics you would include in this training.
  3. Explain why you selected these topics and how they would address this strategic goal. Apply relevant
    professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.

Customer delight is a form of strategy that centers specifically on the customers. The aim
is to ensure that the customer is satisfied and happy with the services offered by the company.
When happy, the customer will come again another time and will also encourage other potential
customers to seek services of the business. Three crucial trainings to be offered product training,
customer needs trainings and customer expectations. Employees must be well versed with the
products of the company in order to market them effectively (Bishop, 2013). They must also

Two Part Assignment 2

understand the needs of the customer. Understanding the needs of the clientele helps align the
strategies accordingly. Customer expectations must also be carefully considered. The company
must always ensure that they meet the expectations of the customers and possibly exceed them.
Some of the specific topics that would be covered under this training include the strength
of the products of the company as compared to equal products of competing companies.
Employees of the organization should have the ability to convince the customers as to why they
should go for their products and not other equal products in the market (Bishop, 2013). The
convincing power to a customer is based on good knowledge and understanding of the product.
Another topic that will be covered is the need to make the customer feel special and
appreciated. Any time a customer walks into a business premise, they are very keen to see how
they will be treated. Any time a customer feels that their time is not appreciated and that they are
not given attention, they are not likely to come back. Customers must always remain central in
order for the customer delight strategy to succeed.
Generational Differences Chart
The evaluation of the Millennial Generation is quite true. They definitely have a totally
different approach to matters of work and certainly are seen as threat to those who have been
there before them. Certainly, the fact they are technologically savvy makes them have an upper
hand over the preceding generation. In this era, technology is at the center of all business
strategies and development (Gaylor, 2012). The only worrying aspect is the manner in which
they were raised. They perhaps may not be as aggressive as they ought to be.

Two Part Assignment 3

I agree with the evaluation and observation having witnessed it fast hand. Despite the
fact that the millennial generations are technologically savvy, they are definitely not as
aggressive as the business environment demands. They are used to having almost everything on
a silver platter. This makes them unprepared for the hard times and challenges they more likely
face when they get to work.
Having trainees from the four different generations and having to teach on sexual
harassment, one would have to come up with a moderated version. The fact that the trainees are
from different generations means that their understanding of sexual harassment varies. Bring
harmony in the understanding of sexual harassment from the perspective of all generations
(Gaylor, 2012). The best approach in order to ensure that all the participants are well
accommodated is to adopt chronology. The training can begin from the very first generation and
their understanding of sexual harassment. The trainer can then move gradually to the current
understanding of sexual harassment. In doing everybody will be accommodated, while at the
same remain relevant and in tandem with the times. It is not always easy to come to a middle
point with the different generations but one must always be sought.


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Two Part Assignment 4

Gaylor, D. (2012). Generational differences. Director, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, USA.

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