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Computer Science Questions

Computer Science Questions

BRIEFLY RESPOND TO ALL FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. Make sure to explain and backup your
response with facts & examples.

THIS ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE IN APA format and have to include at least two references.

MInimum of 600 words.

1) List 2 methods to build visual models of your system.
2) What is the best definition of a trust boundry?
3) What are the 3 most essential questions to ask in threat modelling?
4) In the star wars mnomonic, what threat does luke skywalker embody?


Visual Models
Image detection computer systems identify objects based on variations in identifiable
characteristics of the objects. One of the characteristics that the image detection computer
systems use is the edge detection. An example of image detection computer system used in edge
detection is the Canny edge detection. The edge detection system finds edges and uses the
template to identify the edges of an image. In edge detection, the system identifies any
overlapping images, the size of the edge, measured regarding pixels and the distance to the
nearest edge from a specific viewing direction. Object tracking is another method for visual
image system. Object tracking relies on the tangible user interface that integrates real-time
objects with computer images. The real world image is converted is projected with digitalized
information from the computer. However, the object tracking system cannot track movements
and thus changes in positions of the real object. To track the changes in the positions of the
objects, the users provide feedback so as to update the system on the position of the object.
Additionally, color differentiation is another technique used in object detection. The color of the
object and the background color should be distinctive in order to differentiate the shape and the
size of the object (Fuggetta, & Di Nitto, 2014).
Trust Boundary

Trust boundary is a situation where subsystems of a computer can be accessed by another larger
system freely without separation. In other words, the execution program can access the day
managing programs without discrimination. For instance, a system that can access data in
computer storage and manipulate and manage it through data analysis applications is an example
of trust boundary (Gonzales, Kaplan, Saltzman, Winkelman, & Woods, 2017).
Threat Modeling
Threat modeling is the process of determining the specific characteristics of a threat through the
identification of the threat in order to enable enumeration and the prioritization of the threats.
The most essential questions to ask while performing computer threat modeling is; “Where are
the high-value assets?” The question helps the defenders against systems attackers in locating the
most valuable data within their systems such that while the defensive computer application is
designed to protect data in a specific location within the computer. The location of the valuable
assets in terms of data and information could be located in several stores within a device.
Additionally, the assets could be located in different devices that are either independent or
interconnected through a network. Secondly; “Where am I most vulnerable to attack?” The
defender should determine the data that the attackers could easily access them. The details
concerning the data and the information could include the variety of the information, the
usefulness and the value of the information and the availability of sources where the similar
information could be retrieved. “What are the most relevant threats?” The defender should
identify the type of the threats that are likely to attack the systems. The defender identifies the
computer application that can likely be involved in the attack. The description of the attack
enables the defender to prepare and install a program to counter an attack from the specified
application (Erickson, 2017).

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker is symbolic of a threat to the Galactic kingdom. Luke Skywalker does not
support the kingdom and trains his daughter to oppose the dynasties of the kingdom. The
character also faces a threat from the smugglers that he has knowledge that exists within the
kingdom (Galipeau, 2015).



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