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Comparing First-movers in Technology

Analyze the key ways in which
Intel and Microsoft capitalized on and reaped substantial first-mover
advantages in pioneering new technologies. Provide a rationale to
support your respons

Comparing First-movers in Technology

The innovation in digital and computer technology is advancing in a way that each technological
company is trying to outdo the other in advancement. In his heydays, Steve Jacob of Apple Inc,
introduced a work program where employees would be given time to work on their own
innovations and all successful projects would be compensated lucratively complete with part
ownership rights. Starting with the unique and original model of iMac, Jobs founded a new
culture of corporate philosophy that identified products by their own simple design and which
were branded independently. These trends led to the new discoveries of iPod in the year 2001,

Comparing First-movers in Technology
iTunes music store or application in 2003 and lately iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the current
iPad. These inventions catapulted Apple Inc to be one of the largest publicly traded technological
companies not only in the North America but also the entire world.

  1. The basic components on the circuits of microprocessors and the transistors continue to double
    with each invention with powerful additional features that harness the powers of atoms and also
    molecules to manage and perform memory and also processing tasks. The Silicon based
    computers are quickly being overtaken by the new quatum based computers. The new
    discoveries by Federico Faggin on the first Intel 4004 designed microprocessor that is poised to
    evolve into quatum computing (Science and technology, n.d). These computers have great
    potential that they are at times equated to the human mind due to their phenomenal work
  2. The highly competitive technological industry has evolved into a fierce battle to control the
    global markets. Microsoft has dominated the global computer operating system for many years
    due to its strategic move that allowed most of the computer manufacturing companies to install
    the windows operating system on the new personal computers (NetAction, n.d). Most computers
    by then were practically sold with the windows operating system already installed and ready for
    use. This strategy led to a near monopoly for Microsoft’s products in the PC market.
    Finally, the advancement in technology has now moved a notch higher and the market is now
    driven by the portable laptop and tablet market manufactures. The competition is now on more
    innovation on entertainment as well as work enabled gadgets that combine power saving ability,
    speed, and internet connectivity as well as portability. Craig Mundie, the head of research and

Comparing First-movers in Technology
strategy at Microsoft is heading a team of researchers to unveil new innovations that will lead to
more interactions and enhanced capabilities (TechForum, 2012).

Comparing First-movers in Technology
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