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Comments and Constructive Criticism

The writer will have to read each of this articles and react to them by commenting, analyzing and
supporting with relevant pear review articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving
constructive comments on the article. APA and in text citation must be use as each respond to the two
articles must have in text citations with a pear review article to support your comments. The writer will
provide a reference at the end of each comments. They will be a minimum of 1 reference for each

respond to the tow articles.

Comments and Constructive Criticism

Article 1
Wonderful post!!! The author has clearly outlined the necessary practices that should be
conducted by anyone who would like to venture into portfolio management. In the article, it is
emphasized strongly that the first step towards successful Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
is the ideation portfolio management; a process that entails evaluation of projects to identify their
potential for bringing value to an organization. Several scholars agree that robust front-end
processes should be put in place to ensure that the project portfolio attains its set objectives.
Managers who establish the process of ideation portfolio as their foundation end up attaining
competitive advantage and organizational success (Teller et al., 2012). In addition, customers
should also be integrated into PPM. The author highlights that integration of customers is
essential in especially in an environment where clients demand for higher value. The article
further reports that it is of great importance for managers to understand the diversity that exists in
the global business for them to achieve their set objectives.
It is surprising to learn that approximately 75% of projects fail even before they get into
their implementation stage a clear indication that something is serious wrong with project
managers (Petit, 2012). One of the reasons why projects fail is the lack of regional and corporate
culture with are potential determinants in the success of any project.
Article two
Project portfolio management entails a number of activities such as risk change, supply
change, team management, and human resource. To achieve optimal results, project managers
should determine the best tools and techniques for use. Martinsuo (2013) enlightens that
portfolio projects should have effective team management and planning for them to be

Project managers should understand that during project development, continuous changes
may occur. According to Jonas (2010), the managers should be flexible enough to counter any
undesirable change that may jeopardize the project. The author states that during selection of
project managers, some of the factors that are examine include the applicant’s competencies and
career orientation. However, this is not just enough as there are several other factors that should
be examined. For instance, a competent project manager should inspire a shared vision, be a
good communicate, and uphold integrity among others.



Jonas, D. (2010). Empowering project portfolio managers: How management involvement
impacts project portfolio management performance.International Journal of Project
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Martinsuo, M. (2013). Project portfolio management in practice and in context. International
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Petit, Y. (2012). Project portfolios in dynamic environments: Organizing for
uncertainty. International Journal of Project Management, 30(5), 539-553.
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