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Comments and Constructive Criticism

Comments and Constructive Criticism

The writer will have to read each of this articles and react to them by commenting, analyzing and
supporting with relevant pear review articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving
constructive comments on the article. APA and in text citation must be use as each respond to the two
articles must have in text citations with a pear review article to support your comments. The writer will
provide a reference at the end of each comments. They will be a minimum of 1 reference for each
respond to the tow articles.
The writer will refrain from simply agreeing but offer constructive and educative feedbacks to the articles.
Each article must contain a pear review article to support the statement.

Comments and Constructive Criticism

Article One

Diversity is a decipherable source of innovation and creativity, which can provide the
foundation of competitive advantage in an organization. Diversity is also closely tied to project
management since it is the organizational segment that facilitates its growth and expansion in the
specified business arena. It can have an impact on project management as identified in the article
(Ozgen Nijkamp & Poot, 2013). Nevertheless, the barriers associated with the incorporation of
diversity not only affect communication within an organization and project management, but
also affect the level of confidence in the employed workforce (Bassett-Jones, 2005). There are
other potential problems that might rise such as conflict and misunderstanding within the
organization, which can result in loss of competitiveness, low morale, abseentism, and poor
quality of projects. From this perspective, it is evident that Ford needs to conduct an analysis of
its primary cause of failure in Indonesia and Japan in order to identify the diversity related
solutions while viewing the entire scenario from this perspective in order to compete effectively
in the diversified environment.

Article Two

Working in a culturally diverse environment has several potential benefits such as
enhancing the competitiveness of an organization. The selection of teams among employees in
designing, constructing and supervision facilitates the management of projects since they bring
out the perspectives of each culture from their representation in the formulated groups
(Hutzschenreuter & Horstkotte, 2013). However, a major challenge might rise due to the
selection of teams, which facilitate the diversified growth of an organization by experiencing
challenges relating to the selection of the most appropriate human resource management

archetypal. Despite the noted effects of cultural diverse teams on performance, Nouri et al.
(2013), still insists that cultural diversity may fail to be a factor to be considered in team
performance. Therefore, the impact of cultural diversity teams on the performance of the team is
relatively uncertain due the presence of several other factors and conflicting perspectives.


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Creativity and Innovtion Management Journal, 12, 2, 169-175.

Hutzschenreuter, T., & Horstkotte, J. (June 01, 2013). Performance effects of top management
team demographic faultlines in the process of product diversification.Strategic
Management Journal, 34, 6, 704-726.

Nouri, R., Erez, M., Rockstuhl, T., Ang, S., Leshem-Calif, L., & Rafaeli, A.  (2013). Taking the
bite out of culture: The impact of task structure and task type on overcoming
impediments to cross-cultural team performance. Journal of Organizational Behaviour,
34, 739-763.
Ozgen, C. Nijkamp, P. & Poot J. (2013). Impact of cultural diversity on firm innovation:
evidence from Dutch micro-data. Journal of Migration, 2, 1, 18.

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