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  1. What is the effect of adding carbon monoxide to the following equilibrium system,
    COCl2 CO + Cl2? .
    The equilibrium will shift to the left
  2. Which of the following correctly describes an acid?
    An acid is a proton donor.
  3. Chemical kinetics is the study of
    Reaction rates
  4. What is the conjugate acid of HCO3—?
  5. The following solutions (A through D) have the given pKa values. Which is the
    weakest acid of the group?


pKa = 11.5

6.Which of the following is a solution of a STRONG acid?
0.10 M HCl

  1. A text book is 9.00 inches wide and 12.0 inches tall. Calculate the area (width
    multiplied by height) in square centimeters that the textbook covers when it is closed.
    697 cm2
  2. The rate of a reaction is 15.0M/min at room temperature. If the reaction is conducted in
    a warmer environment, what is likely to happen to the reaction rate?
    There is not enough information given to answer the question.
  3. Covalent bonds are formed when
    atoms share electrons
  4. The pKa of acetic acid is 4.75. If acetic acid is found in a solution with a pH of 3.0,
    which of the following is true?
    Acetic acid exists predominately in the deprotonated form. C.
  5. The reaction CH4 + 2O2 CO2+ 2H2O is exothermic. Which of the following will drive
    the reaction to the left?
    An increase in temperature
  6. If the pH of a solution is 4.0, which of the following is correct?
    The concentration of [H+] is larger than the concentration of [OH–]
  7. Following the naming rules covered in lecture, what is the name of K3PO4?
    Potassium phosphate
  8. One of the ways catalysts increase reaction rates is by
    Providing a surface for the reaction to occur.


  1. Which of the following correctly describes ammonia?.
    Ammonia is a weak, organic acid
  2. Which of the following pH values is for the most acidic solution?
    pH = 0
  3. Which of the following has the substances arranged from lowest boiling point to highest?
    C2H6, C4H10, H2O, NaCl
  4. In an energy diagram for an exothermic reaction, which of the following is true?
    The energy of the reactants is lower than the energy of the products.
  5. What is the coefficient for NO after you balance the following equation: _ NO +
    Cl2 ➔
    NCl3 + _ O2
  6. What is the conjugate base of HSO4—?
  7. In the following reaction, how many grams of N2H4 had to react if 23.2 g water are
    formed? N2H4 + 3 O2 + ➔ 2 NO2 + 2 H2O
    20.6 g N2H4
  8. Which of the following is FALSE with respect to dynamic equilibrium?
    The phrase can be applied to both physical and chemical conditions of a system
  9. When 4.0 g of NaOH is dissolved in 50.0 mL of aqueous solution the molarity of the
    solution is:
    2.0 M
  10. Which of the following is a strong base?.
  11. What will occur if S is added to the following reaction after equilibrium has been
    reached? SO2 ➔ S + O2 A.


the equilibrium will be shifted to the left


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