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Character Mentors

Character Mentors

Pretend you have been asked to write a commendation celebrating your chosen teacher as an award-
winning leader in the area of character education. Your paper is to be read in honor of the teacher when

the award is presented.

Develop a 2-page paper that provides an example of a memorable teacher from your life. This teacher
should also exemplify Lickona�s (Lyon, 2009) assertion: �Children need to form caring attachments to
adults. These caring relationships will foster both the desire to learn and the desire to be a good
person.� Focus particularly on teachers who took a moral approach to the character education they

embodied in the classroom or in a coaching position.


Character Mentors

This paper intends to discuss character mentors. To efficiently present the discussion the
paper will develop a commendation to celebrate a teacher. The teacher being commended is a
leader in character education who is being issued with an award.
Commendation Letter

Student’s Name
Student’s Address
Student’s City, Student’s State, Student’s Zip Code


Teacher’s Name
Name of the Institution
Teacher’s Address

Teacher’s City, Teacher’s State, Teacher’s Zip Code

Dear Teacher’s Name
I am writing to you this letter on behalf of the division of student affairs at “School’s
name”. The aim of the letter is to draw a picture for you, on the level of appreciation I have for
you, for the assistance you provided me when I was in my senior year at “Student’s High
School’s Name”. As an ethical mentor, you guided me and directed me in my educational studies,
along with the social relationships I engaged in. Thus, I was able to avoid circumstances, which
would otherwise present me with negative impacts in my future life. I acknowledge that being an
ethical mentor to me took much of your time and personal effort. Your previous dedication to
bringing success in my life is highly appreciated.
Moreover, as a moral model to me, you have helped me in making the ultimate decision
of attending “Student’s University or College” as a student in “Student’s Course”. Personally, I
could not be able to make such a decision without your intervention. I really appreciate your
contribution in making this happen in my life. Notably, your encouragement during your “the
lesson taught by teacher” classes and the extra help you gave me helped me in realizing that
“Student’s Course” was the best field for me. If you had not given me such an encouragement,
then I would not have enrolled to study any degree program. Thus, I would not have secured the
chance to be a student at “Student’s University or College”. If the case was that I was not a
student at “Student’s University or College” then I would spend most of my time in friends’
parties, celebrating the fact that high school life has ended.

In addition, your effectiveness as a caregiver has impacted so much on my life. Through
portraying patience with me and also understanding me, my character was able to develop.
Moreover, your skill of listening to me and valuing the thoughts I have, impacted on my
emotional wellbeing, thus helping me in interacting more with other people, and understanding
them for who they are. Today, I am pursuing a master degree in “Student’s Degree Course”.
Truthfully, it is all because of you that I have achieved all that.
From the experience I had with you, I have developed an appreciation of being an
educator. The experience you gave me, made me want to impact the lives of other people
through educating them and helping them adopt a good character. Your efforts remarkably
helped me in learning that I can prepare other people in contributing productively in their
environments of work by positively educating them. According to Francis-Pester, 2014
motivation and character building through teaching may be effective in promoting peace in the
world and diplomacy. Notably, Francis-Pester, 2014 further reveals that peace can be promoted
by educating others and helping them understand the cultural differences which are in other
Notably, you made me realize that teachers have a personal responsibility of developing
their student’s character. According to Loh, 2014 people catch morals, as opposed to being
taught moral behavior. Therefore, informal contacts made between teachers and their students
shape the student’s characters. Based on this I would like to believe you are ok. My belief is you
are continuing with your good work of inspiration to other students. I also believe that I am one
of the best examples of your hard work and passionate teaching career. Moreover, your
dedication to the success of students is evident in my life.

Student’s Signature
Student’s Name


A commendation letter is aimed at helping other people in celebrating their success. The
essay above has presented a commendation letter for “Teacher’s Name” a teacher at
“Institution’s Name”.



Francis-Pester, D. (2014). Mentors and motivators. Primary Teacher Update, 2014(32), 38-41.

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