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Change Management -Additional Perspectives on Dialogue

Change Management -Additional Perspectives on Dialogue

In the assigned articles for this unit, you read about dialogue and shared meaning. Based on
these author’s perspectives, how would you update the learning that you described in Unit 6’s discussion,
“The Value of Dialogue.” What did the articles add to your thinking about dialogue?

BUS4802 – Change Management -Additional Perspectives on Dialogue
Substantial information is available about dialogue and its value. Many authors have
provided significant insights about dialogue to enhance understanding. The paper provides an

additional /update on the learning from previous discussions on dialogue and suggestions on
additions required to the topic of dialogue.
Based on the previous discussion, a number of updates are required to better
understanding of the value of dialogue. One is that people must listen to one another without
resistance to provide answers to issues raised. It therefore becomes important for individuals to
inquire through examining, suspending and reconsidering the validity of their own beliefs and
assumptions and examining other points of views (Jones, 1996). Incorporating aspects of sight,
touch, taste, hearing as well contributes to the creation of dialogic relationship that allows
participants to develop their relationship with the environment/world.
The article as well improved my thinking about dialogue. I was able t o understand how
dialogue can be used to change conversations and achieve productive positive results. Of course,
in any conversation process, every participant wants to get approval of what they say. The four
levels points that participants need to uphold to achieve these positive results are: container,
intention, frame, action and result (Jones, 1996). It is important to understand the situation
/context the conversion takes place, the intention of the other person and whether they align with
yours, what the other person is thinking about themselves, situation, others obstacles, what is to
be said and the results. Understanding in this process, enhance dialogue. It is also important that
for dialogue to be successful, it must begin from the inner part of an individual. An individual is
expected to suppress some of their certainties and assumptions they hold about certain aspects
under discussion and focus on the most important issues that relate to the topic of discussion.


Jones, M. (1996). Dialogue: The Emergence of Shared Meaning. New Leaders, Reprinted with

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