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Causes of the Cold War and Cold War Imperialism

Read the two selections for the week, then write a short essay that does all of the following:
1) Summarize the two arguments (at least one paragraph for each).
2) Identify at least 2 key differences in the two arguments. This is not about finding small discrepancies in
the structure of their articles, but fundamental differences in the assumptions presented in the two
articles. (at least two paragraphs).
3) Conclude with a statement out which argument is most convincing. Support this view by discussing the
effectiveness of the structure and use of evidence (at least one paragraph).

Causes of the Cold War and Cold War Imperialism

According to article 1, the surrender of Japan after a long summer war of 1945 saw the
American army and navy branded heroes instigating almost insurmountable height of euphoria.
In the short run, cold war raged due to American distrust of Stalin’s spreading policy of
communists. In as much as they were allied towards fighting the German Nazis, Soviet Union
was determined towards establishing a communism policy that sparked off American growing
discomfort. The U.S. could not idle and see this policy spread westward from Moscow. Cold war
was experienced all over from Eastern Europe to China or North Korea. It was however, branded
the test of democracy. After making territorial agreements in Germany, America led the free-
market capitalist world while containing the Soviet Union communist totalitarian from spreading
to Africa, Asia and Europe.

Surname 2
According to Article 2, Devastation of Western Europe Empires saw United States
become the world capitalist superpower. Cold war led to the development of neo-colonialism far
from colonialism disparages. Intra-imperialist unity emerged with the realization of the Union
between Japan, United States and Western Europe with a goal to plunder the underdeveloped
nations. America adopted the Marshall blueprint to rebuild Europe with an aim of penetrating its
capital market for its products. Same treatment is meted to third world countries viewed as
investment opportunity providers. Even though International Monetary Fund provided loans to
third world countries, they still remained poor due to loan repayment interests and the free
market policies that repatriate wealth towards western countries. America and its allies have
frustrated other countries in the name of freedom, democracy and economic prosperity.
The first article argues that the reason for sending aid to Western Europe was purely on
humanitarian grounds. Great Britain, West Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands were
the beneficiries. In the long run, US benefitted from this initiate as was seen in after war
economic booms. Interesting, the article suggests that none of the countries faced fierce
communists’ conquest. In contrast to article 2, this article argues that the war waged against
communist’s advancement was about democracy on trial. However, we find democracy
demonized as a way of causing discord in order to gain in article 2.
In contrast to Keynesians, article 2 talks about the much fettered economic neo-liberalism
which the U.S. was out to impose on third world nations. This would attract their imperialist’s
control and hence provide them with an upper hand in controlling free trade in the global system.
This was implemented to open markets, underdeveloped nation’s metropolis that would remit
wealth towards western countries. In this view, International Monetary Fund and World Bank

Surname 3
lent to third world countries development loans with conditions they incorporate free trade
markets that would earn western countries wealth.
In conclusion, Americans presented a formidable course in winning both world war two
and cold war through their containment program. In contrast, they have also used their
superpower attributes to exploit third world countries through seizing their resources, investment
opportunities and accumulating wealth towards their own kitty. With the Triad, they facilitated
the collapse of western empires and hence remained sole authority in the world. In essence, there
is an existing force to reckon with: neo-colonialism that’s bedeviling the world right now. This
has been utilized to orchestrate the negative effects of post-colonialism.

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